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                            EMACHDEPST FILE

                          Employee ACH Account

This file contains information about employee Automated Clearing House (ACH)
accounts and usage. When net pay is distributed into ACH accounts, the
distribution history is recorded in the Employee ACH Distribution file. PR12.1
(ACH Distribution) is the primary program that updates this file. You can
define up to nine different accounts for an employee.


HR170     HR70.1    PR141     PR155     PR162     PR212
PR260     PR712     UK141     PR229


PR12.1    PR12.3    PR160     PR29.1    PR36.1    PR45.1
PR512     PR529     PR560     PR82.1    HR11.1    PA115


EAD-COMPANY            Numeric 4                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Company Hr    Identifies the AP company if the          PR29.1  PR512
                       resource type = V.  Identifies the HR     PR529   PR560
                       company if the resource type = E.  It is  PR82.1
                       blank for type A, P or Q resources.

EAD-EMPLOYEE           Numeric 9                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Employee      Contains the employee number. Each        PR29.1  PR512
                       person employed by the company is         PR529   PR560
                       assigned a unique number. The system      PR82.1
                       uses the employee number to correlate
                       all of the information related to that

EAD-ACH-DIST-NBR       Numeric 2                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: ACH DistributiContains the ACH distribution account     PR29.1  PR512
                       numbers defined for an employee. You can  PR529   PR560
                       define up to nine different accounts for  PR82.1
                       an employee.

EAD-OCCURANCES         Numeric 3                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Total Number of        Contains the total number of times you    PR29.1  PR512
Occurrences            want the system to take the               PR529   PR560
                       distribution. If you do not want to       PR82.1
                       regulate the number of times the
                       distribution is taken, leave the
                       Occurrences - Original field blank in
                       PR12.1 (Distribution).

EAD-REMAIN-OCCUR       Numeric 3                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Remaining              Contains the value that indicates the     PR29.1  PR36.1
Occurrences            remaining number of times a distribution  PR45.1  PR512
                       is to be taken.                           PR529   PR560

EAD-EBANK-ID           Numeric 9                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Bank ID       Contains the employee's bank DFI          PR29.1  PR512
                       (Depository Financial Institution)        PR529   PR560
                       identification number.                    PR82.1

EAD-EBNK-ACCT-NBR      Alpha 17                                  PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Account       Contains the employee's bank account      PR29.1  PR512
                       number where payments are deposited.      PR529   PR560

EAD-ACCOUNT-TYPE       Alpha 1                                   PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Account Type  Contains the value that identifies the    PR29.1  PR512
                       bank account as a checking or savings     PR529   PR560
                       account. The account type is identified   PR82.1
                       on the tape created by PR160 (Payment
                       Print) as 23 for checking accounts and
                       33 for savings accounts.
                       C = Checking
                       S = Savings

EAD-ACH-PRENOTIFY      Alpha 1                                   PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Prenotify StatContains the ACH prenotification status   PR160   PR29.1
                       between the account and the processing    PR512   PR529
                       bank. When you define an ACH account,     PR560   PR82.1
                       the prenotify status is Not Prenotified.
                       When you run PR160 (Payment Print) to
                       create prenotifications, the status
                       changes to Prenotified. When the bank
                       accepts the tape with the
                       prenotification, you must manually
                       change the status to Accepted. The
                       system does not distribute net pay to an
                       account until the status is Accepted.
                       A = Accepted
                       N = Not Prenotified
                       P = Prenotified

EAD-NET-PERCENT        Signed 7.3                                PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Percent of NetContains the percent of the employee's    PR29.1  PR512
                       net pay to be deposited into the          PR529   PR560
                       account. Each account has either a        PR82.1
                       percent or flat amount identified.

EAD-DEPOSIT-AMT        Signed 13.2                               PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Amount        Contains the flat amount to be            PR29.1  PR512
                       deposited into the account. Each account  PR529   PR560
                       has either a flat amount or a percent     PR82.1

EAD-DESCRIPTION        Alpha 30  (Lower Case)                    PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Description   Contains the ACH distribution             PR29.1  PR512
                       description.                              PR529   PR560

EAD-CHECK-DESC         Alpha 8  (Lower Case)                     PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Check DescriptContains the ACH distribution             PR29.1  PR512
                       identifier that prints on the payment     PR529   PR560
                       stub or pay receipt and on reports        PR82.1
                       generated by PR140 (Earnings and
                       Deductions Calculation).

EAD-BEG-DATE           Numeric 8  (yyyymmdd)                     PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Begin Date    Contains the effective date deposits      PR29.1  PR512
                       can be made to the entered account.       PR529   PR560

EAD-END-DATE           Numeric 8  (yyyymmdd)                     PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: End Date      Contains the last date deposits can be    PR29.1  PR512
                       made to the entered account.              PR529   PR560

EAD-DED-CYCLE          Alpha 1 Occurs 9 Times                    PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Deduction CyclContains the value that indicates the     PR29.1  PR512
                       payroll cycles in which the system takes  PR529   PR560
                       the ACH distribution.                     PR82.1

EAD-DEFAULT-FLAG       Alpha 1                                   PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Default Flag  Contains the value that identifies the    PR29.1  PR512
                       account as the default account to which   PR529   PR560
                       the system deposits remaining amounts if  PR82.1
                       you do not specify 100 percent
                       distribution on the Pay form tab on
                       HR11.1 (Employee).
                       Y = Default ACH Account

EAD-BANK-ROLL-NO       Alpha 20                                  PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Bank Roll No  Contains additional bank information      PR29.1  PR512
                       needed if an employee's bank is a         PR529   PR560
                       building society. Informational only.     PR82.1
                       (UK requirement)

EAD-ACH-DIST-ORDER     Numeric 2                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Ach Dist OrderContains the number that indicates the    PR29.1  PR512
                       order that ACH distributions are taken.   PR529   PR560
                       The ACH distribution record selected as   PR82.1
                       the default will always be the last one
                       processed. If partial auto deposit is
                       selected, the check is where the
                       remaining dollars are distributed to.

EAD-CA-INST-NBR        Numeric 4                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Ca Inst Nbr   Contains the value that identifies the    PR29.1  PR512
                       Canadian institution for the employees    PR529   PR560
                       direct deposit.                           PR82.1

EAD-CA-TRANSIT-NBR     Numeric 5                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Ca Transit NbrContains the Canadian transit number for  PR29.1  PR512
                       the employees direct deposit.             PR529   PR560

EAD-COUNTRY-CODE       Alpha 2                                   PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Country Code  The country code.  Required for VAT and   PR29.1  PR512
                       intrastat reporting.  Must be defined in  PR529   PR560
                        IN01.1 (Country Maintenance).            PR82.1
                       "  " = USA
                       CA = Canada
                       US = USA
                       UK = United Kingdom
                       GB = Great Britain

Element: Currency Code This field contains the company base
                       currency code established in Company
                       (GL10.1 ).

EAD-CURR-ND            Numeric 1
Account Currency       Represents the number of decimals
Code                   defined for the currency of the object.

EAD-PENS-SEQ-NBR       Numeric 4                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Pens Seq Nbr                                            PR29.1  PR512
                                                                 PR529   PR560

EAD-NON-STD-ENTRY      Numeric 1                                 PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Non Std Entry 0                                         PR29.1  PR512
                       1 = Split                                 PR529   PR560
                       2 = NatWest                               PR82.1
                       3 = Co-Op

EAD-ORIG-ACCT-NBR      Alpha 17                                  PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Orig Acct Nbr                                           PR29.1  PR512
                                                                 PR529   PR560

EAD-PAYABLE-TO         Alpha 38  (Lower Case)                    PR12.1  PR12.3
Element: Payable To                                              PR29.1  PR512
                                                                 PR529   PR560

EAD-DED-CYCLE-GRP      Derived
Element: Ded Cycle Grp

EAD-DED-CYCLE-1        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 1

EAD-DED-CYCLE-2        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 2

EAD-DED-CYCLE-3        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 3

EAD-DED-CYCLE-4        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 4

EAD-DED-CYCLE-5        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 5

EAD-DED-CYCLE-6        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 6

EAD-DED-CYCLE-7        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 7

EAD-DED-CYCLE-8        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 8

EAD-DED-CYCLE-9        Derived
Element: Ded Cycle 9

                         EMACHDEPST FILE INDEX


EADSET1   COMPANY                                                HR11.1  HR170
          EMPLOYEE                                               HR70.1  PA115
          ACH-DIST-NBR                                           PR12.1  PR12.3
                                                                 PR12.5  PR141
                                                                 PR155   PR160
                                                                 PR162   PR212
                                                                 PR260   PR29.1
                                                                 PR36.1  PR45.1
                                                                 PR512   PR529
                                                                 PR560   PR712
                                                                 PR82.1  UK141

EADSET2   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset
          EMPLOYEE      Where ACH-DIST-ORDER != Zeroes

EADSET3   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset                        PR160
          EMPLOYEE      Where ACH-PRENOTIFY = "N"

EADSET4   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset                        PR12.1  PR12.3
          EMPLOYEE      Where ACH-DIST-ORDER != Zeroes           PR29.1  PR512
          ACH-DIST-ORDER                                         PR529   PR560
          ACH-DIST-NBR                                           PR82.1

EADSET5   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset
          EMPLOYEE      Where OCCURANCES != Zeroes

EADSET6   COMPANY                                                PR12.1  PR12.2
          EMPLOYEE                                               PR12.3  PR29.1
          COUNTRY-CODE                                           PR512   PR529
          ACH-DIST-NBR                                           PR560   PR82.1

EADSET7   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset                        PR12.1
          EMPLOYEE      Where PENS-SEQ-NBR = Zeroes

EADSET8   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset                        PR229   PR29.1
          EMPLOYEE      Where PENS-SEQ-NBR != Zeroes             PR529   PR560
          PENS-SEQ-NBR                                           PR82.1

                         EMACHDEPST FILE RELATIONS



Company        PRSYSTEM     Required

                            EAD-COMPANY           -> PRS-COMPANY
                            Spaces                -> PRS-PROCESS-LEVEL

Employee       EMPLOYEE     Required

                            EAD-COMPANY           -> EMP-COMPANY
                            EAD-EMPLOYEE          -> EMP-EMPLOYEE

Prempbankca    PREMPBANK    Required
                            When EAD-COUNTRY-CODE = "CA"

                            Zeroes                -> PEB-EBANK-ID
                            EAD-CA-INST-NBR       -> PEB-CA-INST-NBR
                            EAD-CA-TRANSIT-NBR    -> PEB-CA-TRANSIT-NBR

Prempbankus    PREMPBANK    Required

                            EAD-EBANK-ID          -> PEB-EBANK-ID
                            Zeroes                -> PEB-CA-INST-NBR
                            Zeroes                -> PEB-CA-TRANSIT-NBR