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HR170 - Human Resource Writer Report Request

**Form Purpose
Run HR Writer Report Request (HR170) to generate reports defined in the HR65
screens (HR Writer).

You can generate a specific report by selecting a report in the Title field;
you can generate a set of titles grouped by frequency by selecting a frequency
in the Frequency field; or you can generate all titles for a given author by
leaving the Frequency and Title fields blank.

**Processing Effect
Reports are generated based on parameters defined in HR65, however, several
run-time selection parameters are available in HR170 to further define
population and detail data. To be included in the report, an individual must
meet both the criteria established in HR65 and any run-time parameters defined
in this screen

T~$8 HR2001
**Form Purpose
Run Company Listing (HR200) to print a list of parameters defined for the
company selected.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -


Referenced Files

    APPJOBHIST - Used to access applicant job history records.

    APPLICANT  - Used to access applicant information.

    ATTENDCODE - Used to access attendance code information.

    ATTENDHIST - Used to access topic AH (Attendance History) records.

    BANKFILE   - Used to access the bank account number.

    BENEFIT    - Used to access topic BN (Benefit) information.

    BNCOVOPT   -



    BNINVEST   - Used to access employee benefit history information.

    BNSTKGNT   -

    CODA       - Used to access employee CODA account balances.

    COMPHIST   - Used to access compensation history information.

    DEDCODE    - Used to access deduction information.

    DEPTCODE   - Used to access the department.

    EMACHDEPST - Used to access topic AD (ACH Deposit) information.

    EMDEDMASTR - Used to access topic DM (Deduction Master) information.

    EMDEPEND   - Used to access topic DP (Dependents) information.

    EMPACHDIST - Used to access topic AP (ACH Payments) information.

    EMPAUTO    - Used to access topic AU (Automobile) information.

    EMPCODES   - Used to access topic ED (Education), SK (Skills), CE
                 (Certification), RL (Relocation), and CP (Company Property)

    EMPFLEXDOL - Used to access topic FX (Flex Dollars) information.

    EMPFLEXREM - Used to access topic FR (Flex Dollars Remaining) information.

    EMPINVEST  - Used to access topic DC (Defined Contributions)information.

    EMPLOYEE   - Used to access topics E1 through E8, EM (Employee
                 Miscellaneous), EP (Employee Positions), and GE (General
                 Employee) information.

    EMPVISA    - Used to access topic TV (Travel) information.

    EMSTATUS   - Used to access the employee status code.

    EMTAMASTR  - Used to access topics TA (Time Accrual), TD (Time Accrual
                 Detail), and TS (Time Accrual Summary) information.

    EMTATRANS  - Used to access time accrual transactions.

    EMTATRNSUM - Used to access a summary of transactions that occurred during
                 the year.



    HRDEPBEN   - Used to access dependent benefit information.

    HREMPUSF   - Used to access HR code and user field information.

    HRHISTORY  - Used to retrieve the value of a field based on the given data.

    HRSECLEV   - Used to validate employee security level for data items.

    HRSUPER    - Used to validate the supervisor.

    HRUSERFLDS - Used to display user fields.



    INTERVIEW  - Used to access topic IV (Interview) information.

    JOBCLASS   - Used to access job class information.

    JOBCODE    - Used to access topic JC (Job Code) information.

    MILITARY   - Used to access topic MI (Military) information.

    OSHA       - Used to access topic OS (OSHA) information.

    PADICT     - Used to access data item information from the dictionary.

    PADICT2    - Used to access data item information from the dictionary.

    PAEMERGCNT - Used to access topic EC (Emergency Contact) information.

    PAEMPAPP   -

    PAEMPLOYEE - Used to access topics E1 through E8 and GE (General Employee)

    PAEMPPOS   - Used to access topic PH (Position History) information.

    PAGRDI     -


    PAJOBREQ   - Used to access topic RQ (Job Requisition information.

    PAMEDICAL  - Used to access topic MD (Medical) information.

    PAPOSITION - Used to access topic EP (Employee Position) information.

    PAREQAPP   - Used to access topic RQ (Job Requisitions) information.

    PAREQCOST  - Used to access topic RC (Requisition Costs) information.

    PAREQLOG   - Used to access topic RH (Requisition History) information.

    PAREQOFFER - Used to access topic RO (Requisition Offer) information.

    PASCRTY    - Used to check security at the field level.

    PATHFIND   - Used to determine if HR codes or user fields have been used as
                 selection criteria for employee groups.

    PAYDEDUCTN - Used to access topic PD (Payment Deductions) information.

    PAYMASTR   - Used to access topics PM (Payment Master), PD (Payment
                 Deductions), PW (Payment Wages, and AP (ACJ Payments

    PAYSUMGRP  - Used to validate the pay summary group.

    PCODES     - Used to access various code descriptions.

    PERSACTHST - Used to retrieve the value of a field based on the given data.

    PERSGROUP  - Used to validate employee groups.

    PGEMPLOYEE - Used for employee group inquiries.

    PLAN       - Used to access benefit plan information for topics BN
                 (Benefits) and FX (Flex Dollars).

    PLANMASTER - Used to access time accrual plan information for topics TA
                 (Time Accrual), TD (Time Accrual Detail), and TS (Time Accrual

    PRCHECK    - Used to access topic PM (Payment Master) information.

    PRDISTRIB  - Used to access topic GL (Payroll GL Distributions) information.

    PREMDEDHST - Used to access topic DH (Monthly Deduction History)

    PREMPSTATE - Used to access additional state information.

    PRPAYCODE  - Used to access pay code information.

    PRRATEHIST - Used to access pay rate and salary history information.

    PRRATES    - Used to access alternate pay rates.

    PRSAGDTL   - Used to access pay rates for step and grade employees.


    PRSTATE    - Used to validate the state code.

    PRSYSTEM   - Used to validate the company or process level.

    PRTAXAUTH  - Used to access tax authority information for topic E1
                 (Employee Master).

    PRTIME     - Used to access the employee's pay and hours.

    PRWEEKS    - Used to access the employee's weeks worked.

    PSGRELATE  - Used to determine if the pay summary group is linked to a pay

    PWCOMPUTE  - Used to perform compute statements.

    PWSELECT   - Used to determine selection criteria.

    PWTITLE    - Used to validate the title and to retrieve format and
                 selection parameters.

    QUARTDED   - Used to access topic QD (Quarterly Deductions) information.

    QUARTWAGE  - Used to access topic QW (Quarterly Wages) information.

    REFERENC   - Used to access RF (References) information.

    RESTRANS   - Used to access topic RS (Spending Account Transactions)

    REVIEW     - Used to access topic RV (Reviews) information.

    TIMERECORD - Used to access time record information.

    VESTHOURS  - Used to access employee vested hours in defined contribution
                 and defined benefit plans.

    VESTSCHDDT - Used to validate the vesting schedule.

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