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Using Addins to Set-up New Hires PR12
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9/4/2012 9:45 PM
    We receive a file from an onboarding web site as our employees are hired which contains their PR12/direct deposit information.     Each employee may have up to 3 deposit records.

    Has anyone done much with the PR12 upload for new hires?   It seems to be working very well for me with a single upload record, but, when I get multiple, it always wants to make the first record the Default Account and I haven't found away to have it auto-assign ACH Distribution Number.

    Also, we get a substantial number of rehires.     I'd like to disable or delete any previous PR12 records.    Any best way to do this?

    The PR12 seems a little flaky, giving me unpredictable results, so, I'm pretty sure I'm missing something!    Any insight would be appreciated.


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