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Translating 856 to get the ~ REF^CN^ field    

Started by  Mike DeBenedictis
We are trying to get the tracking number which is the  ~ REF^CN^ on the 856. I looked at multiple programs including hte MA531 and it doesn&39;t grab that field. Does anyone else use this field and if so, how do you get it
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4/3/2024 8:24 PM

Enhancement Request Votes Needed    

Started by  Sarah
Please go Vote to Endorse ER 96545!!!! In order to fix a bug in the Supplier Portal that occurs when Suppliers are responding to an event, the first page that appears is terms and conditions. It says click the following link to view terms and conditions. When you click on the link it takes you to terms and conditions attachments. which just shows attachments if there were any present in the Terms. The link does not lead to the actual Terms and Conditions for the event. https://icp.clo...
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2/8/2023 5:22 PM

QR Code to View Packing Slp    

Started by  Brenda
We received notification from Siemens Healthcare that they will begin to pur a QR Code on the shipping label of each parcel that ships from their ADC.  We have to scan the QR code to see the packing slip.  Is anyone doing this now with QR codes  If so are you using your handhelds or another way  Thanks Brenda
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6/17/2022 5:05 PM

Android Devices    

Started by  Brenda
Hello We have a combination of TC51 and TC52 devices in our health system.  The issue we are having is the device button them selves being very close to the infor application buttons on the screen.  The user will want to click the next or previous button to go the next time on the screen but will accidently click the device button on the handhled.  This closes down the par count screen and they will lose all of the work.  Does anyone know of a device setting that can be ch...
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by  BrendaJump to last post
4/18/2022 12:21 PM

Punchout/PunchIn CloudSuite    

Started by  Amanda Valcik
Is Punchout/PunchIn Included in CloudSuite  Or, is it an additional purchase
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by  Rob ConradJump to last post
4/12/2022 8:29 PM

IC & GL discrepancies    

Started by  Doug
I hope this is the correct place to post. My Finance dept. sent me a GL241 report showing that Inventory items are being issued to different accounts in some Accounts (departments). So, I checked IC11 and the issuing account is correct. Then I checked IC12 and GL category is correct and looked at IC04.1 and Issue Account matches. Is there anywhere else I need to check to ensure my stock items are going to the correct issue account Any help would be great. Thanks
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by  Kat VJump to last post
5/11/2021 4:07 PM

Setting Up and Using Two Perpetual Inventory Locations    

Started by  dtaylor10
Hi all! My inventory during the Pandemic has grown by leaps and bounds and has forced "overflow" inventory into a second holding location.  We have our main Store Room and we have a secondary location for overflow located on the 7th floor of our building. (Which is set up as a Par Cart)  Current state is: New stock arrives Items are received in MSCM Necessary stock is taken to location in the Store Room Overflow is taken to the 7th floor Quantity, La...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
4/29/2021 3:35 PM

MSCM Dock Logging - Freight Deliveries    

Started by  Den
Hi All... MSCM does a great job working with UPS/FedEx when capturing the tracking numbers and keeping count of how many were scanned.  I would love to use this same functionality with vendors delivering directly to the hospital or things being delivered by freight companies.  Does anyone have any practices that allow these types of deliveries be captured with dock logging  Then, if something is dock logged, it can most likely be miscellaneous received.  Thus, we can trac...
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by  dtaylor10Jump to last post
4/22/2021 6:52 PM

Creating Purchase Orders    

Started by  madisg
We create the vast majority of our Purchase Orders out of PO23.  We are wondering how others manage this; do they build the majority of their purchase orders our of PO100  There is a stigma by those involved with the onboarding at our organization that the PO23 was referred to as the “scum bucket” and only the trash requisitions end up there.  At the beginning of our Lawson experience PO100 was used some but over time we have gone to almost all PO23 building of P...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
4/16/2021 8:18 PM

How to manage commitments for multi-year contracts    

Started by  Tim
How do you manage commitments if the contract is multi-year  On V11 Cloudsuite.  Commitments are determined on effective date, which would exceed the 1st year annual budget if commitment is taken for all 3 years upon effective date. 
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12/14/2020 8:16 PM

MSCM Handhelds    

Started by  Jason R
My department is looking to purchase new handhelds, but most of the handhelds that Infor lists in their compatibility matrix have been discontinued. My department currently uses Honeywell Dolphin 99EX, which have also been discontinued. I have attached the compatibility matrix I received from Infor. Has anyone recently purchased handhelds that are not listed on the matrix, but are still compatible with MSCM 10.1.8 version or higher  
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
12/8/2020 8:45 PM

Inventory Control - Process Improvement    

Started by  Shannon S
I am looking for ideas to implement into my department for process improvements. Currently, we struggle with keeping inventory accurate and I wanted to see what others have implemented to help improve their inventory accuracy.    Do others have separate receiving set up for thier inventory location  We currently have auto-receivers set up for our main distributor but causes issues with our inventory if not next day delivery, as it will auto-receive into Inventory b...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/16/2020 8:17 PM

MSCM - Printer Agent    

Started by  Maestro
MSCM Printer agent is unable to login. This is a multitenant cloud suite system. We have entered the URL and keys from administrative settings. Has anyone else had this issue
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9/9/2020 12:36 AM

MA64 Add In    

Started by  Dennis
Anyone have a template for MA64 add ins
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by  Kat VJump to last post
7/14/2020 1:28 PM


Started by  Joye
Our delivery people have added recipients with no standard format over time.  We have many rows with duplicate employee ID&39;s and I&39;d like to clean this table up, but I understand the associated recipient ID is also used in the DELIVERY_EVENT table, so there&39;s the issue of violating referential integrity.  Has anyone attempted to maintain the RECIPIENT table, and if so, would you share how you went about doing so Thanks in advance!
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4/17/2020 3:57 PM

PO's with lawson numbers an no IC12 record timing out handhelds    

Started by  Chris
Hello, a few months ago our supply chain systems team made the decision to move away from creating IC12 records for non-stock items. These records were not needed because we are now sourcing all the item information through the item master (IC11). Now any po that contains a newer item that has a lawson and does not have an IC12 record for the location and item, takes several minutes to load in po receiving on a handheld which causes a timeout after 60sec. We would prefer not to start creating I...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
1/28/2020 10:08 PM

Deleting Unreleased Reqs    

Started by  Scooter
Procurement dept wants to delete "Unreleased" Requisitions older than 1 week.  Does anyone have experience with this, or an opinion if this is a good practice I was asked to develop an IPA that will delete the reqs daily.  Is this good practice to delete "unrelease" reqs  Thanks.
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by  Kat VJump to last post
1/28/2020 9:58 PM

Import New and Changes to Existing POs    

Started by  Kat V
We're working on an interface with Construction and a program called e-builder.  It's basically taking the requisition process for new construction projects and handling approval routing. So when it sends to Lawson, the thought is that it will send a PO520 and create POs. The wrinkle is change order - is anyone accepting automated changes to existing POs  Will PO520 do that  We're looking at PO520 but are open to any suggestions
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/21/2019 6:43 PM

EDI 810 processing question    

Started by  Ben Willis
We have Lawson v10 and use GHX for our EDI processing. We just set up a new vendor that has an odd GHX set up. They process 850/855 documents using one account structure, and 856/810 using another. So for every ship to location there are two accounts. For example, one of our facilities is set up for account 1234 for 850/855 processing. But the same facility is set up for account 0001234 for 856/810 processing. How should the ED records in Lawson be set up to deal with this We have our ED10 scre...
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by  WadeYohanekJump to last post
9/24/2019 4:54 PM

Month-End IC/GL Difference    

Started by  ADNalch
Hello everyone, Lawson newbie here. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, so I will move it if there is a better place. I am the systems analyst at a medium-sized children's hospital in California, and have been learning the ropes for the last 6 weeks or so. I happened to be hired on during a major investigation into a growing gap in the values of our inventory (through IC234) and the corresponding GL account. The IC234 value is consistently higher than our GL acc...
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by  ADNalchJump to last post
5/30/2019 2:00 PM

EDI TXI Segment in 810 Transaction    

Started by  Matt_B
Hey all,    We're having issues with vendors that are sending taxes in the 810 TXI segments instead of the SAC02 segments where Lawson is not picking up that value and we're getting the a message from MA126 of 'Tax out of balance'.  The only documentation I could find on this is in the Cloudsuit documentation which theoretically should work on Version 10 based on KB Article 1449847, this functionality was introduced in version 9 back in 2013.      This tab...
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by  Matt_BJump to last post
2/11/2019 5:16 PM

Migration off of Lawson SIM    

Started by  Lance Jurgensen
With Infor/Lawson announcing that SIM is end of life, what have you migrated to  If you don't use SIM, what Surgical Instrument Management system do you use, recommend or should we stay away from
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by  InforNewbieJump to last post
7/13/2018 4:05 PM

Par Location Name Change    

Started by  TheWhitePanda
Hello, wondering if it is possible to also change the Par Location Name i.e. 400CL to 400VG Tried through IC81 but I don't think it is possible. Thank you!
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by  TheWhitePandaJump to last post
2/20/2018 1:09 PM

Contract Management Capital Agreements    

Started by  Chris
Anyone using Contract Management (CM) for Capital Equipment agreements Would like to hear your thoughts if so. Thank you! Chris
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2/8/2018 1:30 PM

Infor Contract Management    

Started by  Shannon S
Anyone out there currently using Infor Contract Management If so, what are your thoughts Likes/dislikes We are looking to add this feature to our hospital Supply Chain process, but would love feedback from others currently utilizing.  Thanks, Shannon
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by  ChrisJump to last post
2/8/2018 12:45 PM
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