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Last Post 3/16/2016 12:27 PM by  stcyrk
Req Drill call using HREF in HTML Content
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3/16/2016 12:27 PM

    Upgrading to IPA v10 from ProcessFlow and we're ditching the html file on server for the approval screen and building the html content right in the UA task in the flow (Display->Desktop->Display Type = HTML Content).

    Here's my call:

    HREF = “/servlet/Router/Drill/Erp?_TYP=OS&_PDL=&_FN=REQHEADER&_IN=rqhset1&_OUT=XML&K1=&K2=,'wndREQHEADER'”>Drill


    Here's the error message:

    Error 404: SRVE0190E:File Not FOund: /?/servlet/Router/Drill/Erp

    Has anyone successfully created a Drill link to the Drill around comments for a requisition? We actively use the Req Header Display Only Comments folder.

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