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Last Post 1/27/2017 3:07 PM by  Christine Kam
ACA Medical Plan Priority on BN15.3
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Kristie Starzyk
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Rush-Copley Medical Center
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1/27/2017 2:43 PM

    This is our first year doing ACA and 1095C's through Lawson.  I wanted to get everyone input on how they put the priorities on their medical plans on BN15.3.  The Benefits Administration Guide states that you put your highest coverage plan with a priority of 1.  We have 3 plans, and the plan that we based all of our ACA affordability off of has a $1250 deductible (lowest cost out of employee pay checks).  However, we do have one with a $500 deductible (highest cost of out pay check).  The plan with the $500 deductible plan technically has more coverage since the deductible is lower.  However, I struggle with this logic since, as I said before, all of our ACA affordability calculations were off our higher deductible plan.

    What has everyone else done with this?


    Medical Plan  Cost per check
    EE Only
    ACA Priority 
     $1250 Ded. PPO  $35  2
     $500 Ded. PPO  $70  1
     HDHP  $49  3
     Waive Plan n/a 9999
    Christine Kam
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    1/27/2017 3:07 PM
    We put the plan with the lowest employee cost in Priority 1.
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