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Last Post 10/02/2018 11:31 AM by  Joan Herzfeldt
CSV export options not working in 10.6
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10/02/2018 11:31 AM
    Has anyone else had this happen after upgrading to 10.6 (LBI/RAS)?

    In crystal reports you can define the export options under File->Export->Report Export Options. You can tell it to use a pipe (|) as the separator, whether or not to put commas around the data, and how to export page/group header sections.
    LBI in the Schedule under Bursting and Distribution you can set the output type to CSV and then choose where it outputs. Previously it would use the export options that were saved with the crystal report. Now it is exporting only as the default setting of a csv file, (comma delimited with quotes around text).

    We have a ticket open with Infor, but nothing yet.
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