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Last Post 2/26/2021 4:57 PM by  LawnsonGuy
SQLQRY node issues creating a CSV
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2/26/2021 4:57 PM

    Hello All,

    On the SQLQRY node there is a checkbox for "Generate CSV from resultset (This will skip SQL Looping)". This feature seems to work for me until at some point I believe the resultset is too large.

    For example, I have an IPA that saves a CSV file to a local folder. The process runs fine daily and we don't have any issues with it. If I try to expand the range of the query within the node to find more data, it fails. It ran fine for 2136 rows, but failed at 7713. When I look at the log, I can see the query does find the records and then loses them:


    Log Snippet:

    getItems_RECORD_COUNT = 7713

    SQL Query getItems: Executing loop 1 of 7,713

    getItems_RECORD_COUNT = 0


    If I copy the query from the work unit log to a SQL editor and export a CSV, there are no issues.

    I can't figure out why when there is more data, the skip SQL looping fails. Has anyone experienced this? My assumption is that I'm hitting some sort of memory limit.

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