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Last Post 3/12/2021 4:53 PM by  TBonney
leavebalance.htm interpretation
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3/12/2021 4:53 PM

    Can anyone provide any guidance on interpretation of part of the leavebalance.htm file?

    We utilize the essmsgs.xml file to modify the verbiage displayed on the paid time off tab of the leave balances page in ESS, in order to outline the different use-by dates for various employee groups. One group continues to see the generic messaging instead of the customized, more detailed one. We are pretty certain hat it is becasue this group has no carry-over hours balances, and as a result, no carry over end dates, both of which we believe are being evaluated in the multiple if/then statements found in the '//display carry_hrs_bal' sections of the leavebalance.htm file.

    Is anyone able to confirm which tables/fields are actually being evaluated in these snipets of code? A few examples are:

    if (sysRuleRecords[sysIndex].alphadata1_3 == 2)

    f (taMastrRecords[taeIndex].carryover_end != "")

    Thank you in advance for any guidance anyone might be willing to provide.

    p.s. - We already asked Infor, but in spite of the fact that we are simply using the essmsgs.xml file (we believe as it was intended to be used), they advised us this would be considered customization and therfore, we would be required to consult (and pay for) ICS for guidance.

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