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Last Post 2/13/2008 1:47 AM by  mil0n023
Priveleged ID; ESS/MSS errors
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2/13/2008 1:47 AM

    I have my LSF9.0 running paralell to my 8.03 during this LSF Migration (Environment only) while I hash out the "bugs" in 9.0 Portal.

    We are up on ESS and MSS currently (our 8.03 envir) and have our Employees use their Employee# to log in and check benefits, pay, etc.. -

    We obviously stored these in RD30 and tied to a default WebId login "j0ltweb", which has an LAUA security class for all web users.

    Well, now that RD30 goes away I had to build an ONLINE Key for "j0ltweb" in the Services EMPLOYEE_PROD, and j0lt_PROD, however none of my Employee# logins are able to review their Benefit, or Pay information? I get several errors when testing: "PRSTATE not in .. LOGAN" " BENEFIT file secured" "USer not know for Company" - When I use an acct that does have LAUA access it works fine. My question: How do I get this Priveleged ID to actually work in 9.0 Portal???

    M. C. Miller
    Salem, Oregon
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