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Last Post 11/20/2008 12:05 PM by  Mallikarjuna Ponde
Supplier Returns in Movex V12
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3/26/2008 12:36 PM


    I am new to this forum, so apologies if I'm in the wrong place or anything.

    Our company is using Movex V12.0.0.6. I am being told that there is no transaction in Movex to return goods to a supplier. Apparently, the only way to do it is to set up a CO and sell the product back to the supplier, which involves setting up an account on the AR ledger.

    Can't be correct, can it?



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    10/14/2008 7:12 AM
    Hi IDB

    Try the program PPS 390 for PO returns, depending on the selection of the parameters the good are removed out using a RO (- ve Tr ) linked to the PO Number

    and a fresh PO Line is added if required

    Call me for furthur details
    Mallikarjuna Ponde
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    11/20/2008 12:05 PM

    Hi IDB,

    What Shrirang sir has mentioned is right and this one way you can solve the problem else there is another way to solve your problem. The way as follows:

    About GRNI (i.e Goods Received Not Invoiced).

    Once good received entry as follows:

       1.          Inventory A/c         debit             XXX
                   To GRNI A/c          credit           XXX

    Booking vendor invoice entry as follows:
        2.        GRNI A/c            debit             XXX
                    To Vendor A/c    credit           XXX

    Now impact for the above 2 entries as follows:

        3.       Inventory A/c         debit             XXX
                  To Vendor A/c       credit           XXX

    You can raise RO -Negative (through - MMS100) and scrap the received material: The financial reversal entry for inventory as follows: 

           4.      Write off A/c          debit              XXX
                    Inventory A/c         credit             XXX

    then your inventory problem solve. Now you have to pass debit note to vendor using command - APS120.

         5.     Vendor A/c             debit           XXX
                  Write off A/c          credit           XXX

    The impact for above 2 entries as follows:

          6.     Vendor A/c             debit             XXX
                  Inventory A/c         credit             XXX

    exactly reversal of 3rd entry. Now your invemtory and vendor account solved.

    Please revert back if you have any doubts?

    Have a great day.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mallikarjuna Ponde

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