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Last Post 4/25/2022 3:14 PM by  caohumanresources
Manager, Payroll & Benefits Compliance - Washington, DC
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4/25/2022 3:14 PM

    The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the U.S. House of Representatives provides operations support services and business solutions to the community of 11,000 House Members, Officers and staff. The CAO organization comprises more than 750 technical and administrative staff working in a variety of areas, including information technology, finance, human resources, and administrative counsel.

    The CAO Finance Office of Payroll and Benefits (OPB) is seeking a talented and energetic Compliance Manager to join and support our team dedicated to administration of staff payroll and benefits for House leadership, members, officers, committees, and offices in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulation.  Within OPB, the Compliance team is a Sub-Unit responsible for managing deductions and reconciliations with other Finance offices and the Office of Personnel Management.  This group performs quality assurance audits, monitors payroll receivables, administers the Student Loan Repayment program, Transit benefit program, Unemployment Compensation, Workers’ Compensation and is responsible for processing the payroll each month. The incumbent serves as the Manager of the Compliance team.  

    Applicant will be someone with demonstrated leadership capabilities, takes initiative, enjoys finding solutions when presented with challenges, is self-motivated, fosters strong working relationships with key stakeholders, is very detail-oriented, and takes pride in their work. Individual must work well under pressure in a professional environment, cooperatively, while collaborating with others.

    The incumbent’s responsibilities include the day-to-day management of, and planning for the Compliance team, both program requirements and personnel, as well as providing general assistance, coordination, guidance, and recommendations to Sub-Unit and Unit management regarding sensitive and confidential issues. The incumbent must effectively assign/utilize resources and assemble teams to ensure that both sustaining activities and projects are successfully completed in a timely manner. The incumbent must conduct daily reviews, monitor, evaluate, and validate the work of subordinate staff.  

    The incumbent must also develop and maintain general working knowledge of all aspects of the Compliance team, and a general understanding of Finance organizations, and Office of the CAO at-large, as well as applicable legal requirements, House Rules, Committee and CAO polices and procedures, and specific Finance area practices and procedures.  

    The incumbent’s pay grade and compensation level are determined based on applicable professional experience, job knowledge, past performance, proven leadership and management skills, assigned level of responsibility, and size and scope of the Area, in comparison to local market rates of pay for equivalent criteria within the applicable discipline.

    This position has day-to-day supervisory/managerial responsibilities. 

    Primary Duties/Responsibilities:

    • Manages and supervises a staff that is responsible for the work of the Department. Assigns/utilizes resources and assembles teams to ensure that sustaining activities and projects are successfully completed in a timely manner. Conducts daily reviews; monitors, evaluates, and validates the work of subordinate staff. Completes individual performance plans and evaluations and coaches and mentors employees, recommending appropriate training. Addresses employee conflicts and initiates disciplinary or performance-based actions as appropriate.
    • In consultation with the Director, Payroll and Benefits, plans the day-to-day functions and responsibilities controlled by, assigned to, or associated with the Department, as well as the miscellaneous administrative activities thereof.
    • Coordinates with and keeps senior management informed of all relevant workplace issues and initiatives, specific work activities, and policy, procedural, and process initiatives or changes. 
    • Ensures appropriate after-action reviews are conducted and corresponding program enhancements are made.
    • Maintains familiarity and compliance with, and established standards for, all applicable legal requirements, House Rules, Committee and CAO policies and procedures, as well as specific Business Unit and Department practices and procedures. These include, but are not limited to: The Personnel Policies and Procedures for the Officers and Inspector General, as well as the supplemental policies and procedures thereof; CAO Work Schedule Policies; Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process; Project Plans and Budget Formulation Instructions; Overtime, Part-Time and Temporary Pay Processing Guidelines; and the CAO Records Retention and Equipment Liability policies.
    • Monitors and tracks Department workflow. Ensures deadlines and customer service standards are met and all core responsibilities are appropriately distributed and completed in a timely manner. 
    • Ensures accurate information is maintained in financial systems/software and processes and/or procedures for reconciling and validating financial data meet timeliness and accuracy standards. Monitors and maintains effective internal control procedures for the Department.
    • Perform a variety of analytical and evaluative work involved in developing policies, operating procedures, and internal controls necessary to ensure compliance with House policies and fiduciary responsibilities related to the custody and disposition of House employee payroll and benefits. 
    • Review, validate, transmit, and perform error resolution on payroll and benefits data. Identify and resolve complex payroll and benefits issues which result from corrective actions related to back pay, technical/administrative errors, and complicated payroll reporting actions.
    • Analyze problems to determine appropriate action to correct deficiencies, such as systemic problems with the automated personnel/payroll systems, training, communication and/or workflow.
    • Prepare marketing and outreach material, such as newsletters and user job aids or training sessions, identifying customer needs.
    • Monitor submission of documents and perform audits of documents and procedures to ensure the integrity of the personnel/payroll system is maintained.
    • Work with subordinates, peers, and supervisor to document and recommend improvements to business processes within the organization.
    • Conduct analyses to evaluate and recommend ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of disbursement activities and to develop new or modified processes, records, and/or guidelines.
    • Distribute and balance the workload among employees in accordance with work flow or job specialization and assure timely accomplishment of the assigned workload,
    • Keep in touch with the status and progress of work, and make day-to-day adjustments in accordance with established priorities, obtaining assistance from the supervisor on problems that may arise.
    • Responsible for the general day-to-day management and supervision of assigned staff, including the timely completion of individual performance plans and evaluations, employee coaching and mentoring, recommending appropriate training, and appropriately addressing employee conflicts and disciplinary actions. Report to supervisor on performance, progress and training needs of employees, and on behavior problems. Coordinate the assistance of other CAO, contractor and/or House support services to ensure that operational requirements are met.  
    • Ensure that customer service standards are met and that all core responsibilities are appropriately distributed and properly completed in a timely manner.  Likewise, ensure that key CAO functional requirements are assigned and met, to include, but not limited to: accurate and timely maintenance of Attendance and Leave Records; and, Information Technology Super-Users and Configuration Management support are identified and trained.
    • Perform other official duties as assigned.


    • High Attention to Detail and demonstrated experience running pay cycles in Lawson/Infor HRIS system. 
    • Knowledge of, and ability to understand general management theories, concepts, principles, and applicable employment laws.
    • Leadership and managerial/supervisory experience to include effective use of employee performance plans and evaluations, coaching and mentoring techniques, and appropriately addressing employee conflicts and disciplinary actions.  Experience with/in effectively interviewing and assessing job applicants.
    • Ability to review, understand and retain knowledge of applicable legal requirements, House Rules, Committee and CAO polices and procedures, as well as specific Unit, Sub-Unit, and Branch practices and procedures.
    • Ability to analyze problems, evaluate viewpoints and proposals, and recommend appropriate solutions/changes.  
    • Ability to analyze, interpret, and present data, including reconciling and troubleshooting as needed to ensure data integrity.

    Qualified candidates please submit your resume online by following the instructions in this link:





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