Closing / Clearing Processes for Invoiced Goods

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    Good Morning All!

    I'm diving into to help out the Finance / Accounting group with a new issue they are trying to solve.

    The local Accounting group has just taken over from another business unit, and recently begun to use the Invoice Goods Not Received (IGNR) functionality in the A/P system.

    We now have a debit balance building in our Invoiced Goods Not Received (IGNR) A/P clearing account and an apparent off-setting credit balance building in the Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) A/P clearing account.

    Trying to make sure we've got the process steps down and understand if there is there a specific matching or closing process we should be running to clear the receipts against the IGNR in the G/L? It doesn’t seem to be affecting the matching/payment of the invoices.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.