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    Hello I'm Samantha

    we are trying to install the Web Services product in our lifecycle but we receive the following error message

    "cannot install lawson web services No available location exists or the user is not authorized to install laswon web services

    we have LCM version and the Lawson grid - M3 BE 13.1

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      The message is from Life Cycle Manager. It can be caused by:

      1. There is no grid where the application can be installed
      2. The Lawson Web Services is already installed.
      3. The user is not authorized to install the application.

      If the LWS is already installed you should find it in LCM and select upgrade (or apply fix) instead of installing it.

      If you have a grid and LWS is not installed in it you should check the LWS requirement for the grid version for the version you have. I haven't seen this actual message myselft in an LWS context but I have seen it for .lawsonapplications that have features for Smart Office like the StartPad and Mashup designer. In those cases it has always been that the porduct is already installed and that you need to find the application (on that host) and select to upgrade it instead of installing it.

      From you question it seems like you are making a new installation and that it has not been installed before but you never know :-)
      Regards Karin