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Integrating ERP with Web Services Question.    

Started by  City London Student
Hi all, I'm looking for respondents to my university dissertation questionnaire, who have had experience integrating with an ERP package. If you or your business has, you qualify and I would be grateful to receive your feedback; respondents can be technical, or non-technical persons.   Its a very short 5 minute online questionnaire - which you can reach via the following link:   Thank-you very much for your time, its greatly appreciated....
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9/6/2016 7:11 PM

Employee Receivables    

Started by  moralidib
Dear Experts, please can you explain to me the attached documents i couldn't understand the this ledger account and also the meaning of the abbreviations such as DIM, JVM, PCI, and if there is any unprofessional works on it. the financial manager said to me: Dear Mr. Mohamad G’ day. Please find the ledger, the last amount (1234) might have deducted during the month. If it is, it’ll become nil at the end of the month. thanks.     Please need explanation very urgent...
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by  moralidibJump to last post
4/30/2015 4:08 AM

infor - cannot connect to request broker    

Started by  wst
hello, i need help with our infor. the exe is working on the server, there i can start it without problems. but when i want to start it over the client, i get the message: cant connect to request broker, initializing failed! whats the problem can anyone help me big thx
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9/12/2013 8:54 AM
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