Company switching Banks for Direct Deposit (Prenotes)

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    We are a Lawson 10.0.7, HR/Payroll only shop.

    Our company is switching banks for Direct Deposit (prenotification). We are trying to do the setup for the new bank and we are running into some difficulty. Initially, we set up a new 'Bank Code' thru the form PR01.2 and left the 'Cash Account' with the old bank values. Then, using this new Bank Code, we created a record for the new Bank.

    The record on the BANKACCT table looks fine, but PRSYSTEM has a new record for the new bank that is missing the Process Level, and some columns have value that are starkly different from the old records.  

    What are we doing wrong? What should the right order of the set-up be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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