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Jolene Jackson
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    We are looking at implementing Employee and Manager Self Service in our Lawson 10.0.7 environment and would like to understand which email notifications can be sent using the Email.exe CGI program without needing IPA.  Currently, it seems that Adress Changes and Direct Deposit changes work, but Time off request and Tax withholding don't, even though the setup exists for both.  

    I have been working with Infor for weeks, but can't seem to get an answer from them.  If anyone has any information they can share, we would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!



    Joe O'Toole
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      We are looking to implement PTO notifications as well. I spoke to a someone about this a few years ago and was told IPA was the way to do the email notification.

      Although we have IPA if there is an API that would be easier to use I'd like to hear about it.

      We're currently on ENV 10.09 / APPS 10.07 / EMSS 10.07.037 but looking to move to 10.08

      If there is anyone currently using PTO notifications that could share their experiences that would be great.

      Interested to hear if it's just a notice or a workflow where the manager recipient could "approve" it via a link?


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