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Last Post 9/8/2022 12:28 PM by  Gary Stone
Processing Priorities for Fed and State Taxes
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9/8/2022 12:28 PM

    There are always people that are listed on the PR297 as having social security/medicare in arrears.  Most are tiny amounts and social security/medicare does self correct.  It does cause problems at quarter/payroll year end when the 941’s are done and we have to pay for the arrearages before they are taken. 


    All of the taxes are set up on PR05 with the same priority of 1.  If multiple deductions within a category have the same priority, the system processes them in numeric/alpha order.  Medicare is TE04 and social security is TE05 so Federal and state taxes will come out first (TE01-TE03).  Is it possible to change the priorities so that Social Security and Medicare comes out first and there shouldn’t be arrearages with anyone?


    My question is How are others handling the priorities for tax deductions and do you have any recommendations?

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