S3: Creating offline PDF Paystubs

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    Good Day All!

    IT Guy here.

    We haven’t done it in the past, but we would like to now, especially for our historical S3 payroll…

    But we want to create offline PDF paystubs for the employees (and ex-employees).

    Obviously we’ve been talking to MHC about doing that.

    But one of the challenges for us right now is that we can’t “find” all the historical PMTOUT files.

    I have a couple questions about that…

    1. Is there a particular place where we should be looking for the historical PMTOUT files?

    2. And in the absent of them being there, is there a way to redo those and get them out / download them of S3?

    3. Or is there another type of output that would give us all the information we need to make paystubs?

    Thanks in Advance,


    John Henley
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      Hello Steve! My guess would be that the payroll PR160 jobs
      did not have unique names for the PMTOUT files so many were likely overwritten unless you had some process in place to capture and archive them. Depending on how far back your data goes, and how far back you want to recreate stubs, you do have the possibility of running pr160 in reprint mode. Another option would be to have someone create a custom pr160 that regenerates pmtout files based on data ranges.
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      Ragu Raghavan
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        I did need to recreate the PMTOUT file created by PR180. There is an option to "reprint/re-create" that along with the SERIAL-NBR, will recreate the PMTOUT file. Bear in mind that there was logic to pick only open payments. I needed to comment out that logic. I am sure you can do the same with PR160.
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