Configuring Information Investigator to interface with Support Assistant

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    I have successfully installed the Lawson Information Investigator (LII) and was at the point of interfacing it with Infor Support Assistant (ISA) when I discovered that I would need to install something called "perl module IO::Socket::SSL".  I was directed by Infor to visit a website called and from there was able to locate the install file.  The only instructions in their "Install Instructions" is the following:
    perl -MCPAN -e shell 
    install IO::Socket::SSL
    I went into QSH and ran the first line and was presented with a LOT of options that I just had to accept the default (or press enter to skip) seeing as how I do not know anything about perl.  After that completed I typed in the second line only to have it say that the file was not found.  I have since determined that with the name of the installation file being "IO-Socket-SSL-2.049.tar.gz" I would need to untar the file before installing it.  I ran the "tar -xvf IO-Socket-SSL-2.049.tar.gz" but encountered a message asking for "Enter an archive path name or a period (".") to exit".  I have tried several paths but to no avail.  Not really sure what it is looking for.  Has anyone successfully set up an interface between LII and ISA?
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