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    I'm an accountant for a health insurance/care provider. We are migrating from an antiquated in-house software to a newer Epic product called Willow to manage pharmacy inventory. We have been testing for some time now. One problem that we have not been able to solve yet is a rounding variance that occurs as Willow rounds financial transaction data down to hundredths. No one here seems to think we can import any more than two places to the right of the decimal. I'm having a hard time believing this. I'm looking for solutions.

    Any advice?



    Kwane McNeal
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      I don't know Willow, but after closely reading what you have posted, your internal team may be correct. IF Willow is doing the rounding down to hundredths PRIOR to making the data available to an interface, then it is CORRECT to say no more than that could be imported, as the source system (Willow) hasn't provided more than that.

      The key for you is to see if you can configure the rounding and number of significant digits IN WILLOW. If you can, then you will have more available to import. If not, then hundredths is all you'll be able to obtain.
      Ben Coonfield
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        Not sure how that interface works, but is it perhaps pulling data from a database called Clarity (an Epic component)? Clarity is often used for extracts of data to be sent from Epic/Willow to another system such as Lawson. Clarity has data extracted from the raw format that Willow uses internally, and it is possible for data to be truncated or rounded in Clarity compared to the raw data. Fields in that database have a default size/number of decimals but it can be changed. I had a problem a couple years ago with the data in a Willow-related medication table, and I changed the number of decimal places in a units field from two to three or perhaps four, as it was causing a similar issue.
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