Translate USERNAME To A Login ID

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Garth Gerwing
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    If anyone has some experience with this - would really appreciate some feedback.

    We are on Lawson 9 - Windows Platform - Financials(AR)

    In incidences where a given entry screen does not support inputting an overt Lawson "Operator" (AROPTR) - Lawson will write a windows-based ID to the USERNAME field(s).  EXAMPLE: Payment Batch/Header - ARPYMNTHDR.OPR_CODE  (NT00000023)

    This appears to be a Lawson/Windows identifier - as in looking at tables in GEN (R_USER.USERNAME, QUEUEDJOB.USERNAME, USER_INFO.USERNAME, etc.) all reference this value.

    I cannot, however, find any data (db tables) where I can rationalize this ID to a given user's login name. I want to be able to reference a table via this "USERNAME" to derive the user login ID.  NOTE: I have seen some references to a GEN_DB table of "USER" - but it is either not resident on my platform, or I can't see it for some reason.  Have also seen this USERNAME value reference as an "RMID" (Resource Management ID)

    Appreciate your time in this matter.
    Greg Moeller
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      Does this help?
      Marsha DeMaria
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        900-GET-USER-DISPLAY-NAME can be used to translate the NT user id to the Lawson user id, such as converting NT00000012 to johndoe.  You  would need to move the NT id to the WS-USER-DBUIDKEY variable and then perform the call. 

             MOVE CRT-JOB-USER           TO WS-USER-DBUIDKEY.

        The result is WS-USER-DISPLAY-NAME.
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