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\cgi-lawson exe's not working    

Started by  Roger French
Env: IOS: Tomcat 4.0.6 IIS 6.0 Windows 2003 Ok here goes another one that's been really bugging me... None of the exe's in \cgi-lawson are working. They all give 404 page/file not found errors with http:///cgi-lawson/printenv.exe for example. RMI is running, Tomcat is running. jakarta and cgi-lawson are set with Basic Authentication only on IIS. cgi-lawson in IIS is set for running scripts and exectutables. Servletsetup, Profile,...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
7/3/2006 4:46 PM

Servlet Container Classpath??    

Started by  Roger French
IIS 6.0 Tomcat 4.0.6 Env: Windows 2003 Processflow Professional IOS: Loopback configuration (web server and app server on same server) I'm setting up processflow on a new server. For the Collaborative Commerce Base instructions manaual, I am directed to modify the servlet container's classpath. ..What classpath do they mean Does it mean the Environment variable CLASSPATH Or does it mean to modify the web.xml file (If so what tag does it...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
7/3/2006 2:45 PM

PORTAL & Tomcat/IIS Authentication    

Started by  Deleted User
For some reason our Portal on all boxes was dis-abled, it appears a new version of Tomcat and the ISAPI filter was added destroying my 3.2.4 version. What authentication settings should be set on for IRE on windows 2000 with Tomcat 3.2.4 Environment in 8.0.2 esp10
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
6/30/2006 4:59 PM

Lawson books, etc?    

Started by  Deleted User
Hello, Can anyone refer me to any Lawson books or publications Looking for self-paced training on this ERP. Please let me know. Thanks!
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
5/22/2006 9:24 PM

can't access log in page from home    

Started by  Deleted User
i remember there was a issue with a microsoft service pack,does anyone remember the fix,im trying to access meridian health care from home
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by  Steve WilliamsJump to last post
5/22/2006 8:32 PM

Portal Logout Feature    

Started by  Carlotta McCormick
We took advantage of Lawson's undocumented logout feature for the portal by uncommenting the <LOGOUT> button for portal in the portalrole script (a copied version of the default.xml). When Microsoft fixed issues with user authentication in IE 6.0 SP1, this logout feature no longer worked, and refused to clear the user cache. Our company uses web-based clinical gateways, and it is imperative that we provide a logout feature that actually clears the user cache for the Lawson portal. ...
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by  Carlotta McCormickJump to last post
3/31/2006 5:39 PM

RD30 & PORTALROLE attrib    

Started by  Greg Moeller
We have about 5000 rd30 records. Most of which do not have the PORTALROLE attribute filled out. Is there an easy way to identify the blank ones, and therefore create a LX995 job/file to fill JUST the ones that don't have something in them already
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by  Alex TsekhanskyJump to last post
3/24/2006 3:43 PM

Drill modification possible?    

Started by  Greg Moeller
We are working on setting up Lawson's Manager Self-Service and would like to remove access to some of the drill options that are available in the 'Direct Reports' drill window (ie. Tax Information, Benefit Criteria, etc). I know that I can remove these drill options by removing access to the appropriate database tables via the 'laua' utility. Are these drill options defined in a .htm or .js file in the portal environment If so, can this file be editted to remove access f...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
3/3/2006 9:09 PM

LID and portal    

Started by  PV Rajan
Hi: If a company uses both LID and portal applications, will any change made on a .scr file in LID be automaticlly reflected on Portal (and vice-versa).
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
2/28/2006 11:11 AM

How to setup Lawson Portal so a SecurId (dynamic) password can be used?    

Started by  Deleted User
Due to SOX compliancy we are required to use a SecurId password (password that contains numbers and changes evry minute) when logging in to Portal. But everytime we display a different page it keeps on asking us to enter a password. Any ideas on how to setup Portal so it won't ask for the SecurId password after first login. This setup is working properly using LID where we only login once using the SecurId password and it does not prompt us to enter it again. Thanks.
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
2/27/2006 10:54 PM

Using SSL with Portal    

Started by  Keri White
My company is considering setting up SSL on our Lawson web server to use with Portal. Has anyone else done this yet If so, how'd it go and how's it working I haven't found much information on the Knowledge Base other than KB article 98295. I definitely think it's a good idea, but not sure if it will cause more trouble than it's worth. Thanks!
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by  Alex TsekhanskyJump to last post
2/27/2006 7:47 PM

ESS Modification    

Started by  Greg Moeller
Greetings all: Users here want a mod to the ESS. Specifically the Employment section, and the Primary Job Profile link. We would like to add the Employment Status to this table. I have found the file that I think I need to modify (empprofile.htm), but am only vaguely familiar with OO programing. Can someone provide maybe some examples of what you have done Or where do we start Need to find out where it is calling to get the data from the Employee table.... Tha...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
2/21/2006 9:39 PM

Portal and IE question    

Started by  Greg Moeller
Has anyone ran into the issue where to get Portal to work, you need to load 2 or 3 (depending on version of IE) Microsoft patches for XML or some such animal Patches that Microsoft has determined are not critical, and therefore get installed automatically. We have a Citrix farm here at work and want all employees to have access to ESS from home, library where-ever but would just as soon not have to have them all use Citrix and bog down the whole farm. So our help-desk is about to...
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by  Phillip FellerJump to last post
2/16/2006 1:56 AM

Custom (unix) scripts in Portal?    

Started by  Frank Dusek
Has anyone found a way to add and run custom scripts via portal We are upgrading (hopefully)from a LID environement to a Portal environment and we have many custom scripts and need the ability to add/delete and run these scripts. I know Lawson does not officially support this, but I was wondering if anyone has been able to get it to work in a similar manner to the way it works in LID today Thanks for any help provided. Frank
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by  Frank DusekJump to last post
2/15/2006 5:38 PM

Disable external links on Portal    

Started by  Wendy Varick
Has anyone been able to disable the links to Google, Excite and Yahoo on Portal for Self Service I have tried commenting out the URLS in the default.xml, but this has not been successful. We do not want to remove the search box altogether, just limit the direct URL links to these external sites.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/27/2006 2:16 AM

Portal Install    

Started by  Deleted User
We have Lawson environment (Database) running in iseries. Websphere and IIS runs on windows 2003 server. Can we install IOSRS and IOSRE in windows 2003 server and still have the portal retrieve data from iseries Is there any documentation explaining this Thanks Hari
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
1/7/2006 12:36 AM

Change Portal Color    

Started by  Deleted User
I have been able to change the base color in the Web Portal by manipulating the color cmds in the TRISCUIT.CSS file. (thanks to some direction from Dave) But, the widgets and graphics around the tabs need tweaked if you change colors. I am looking for a case stmt for the LOGON.HTM that will allow my to change the color based on the Product Line. Has anyone done any work\modification like this thanks, Brad
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/8/2005 9:25 PM

Add Hourglass to the login    

Started by  Deleted User
Does anyone know how to add the hourglass when a user clicks the LOGIN button. Our users are going crazy over not having this.
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
11/21/2005 3:54 PM

Checking Who is Logged Into Portal    

Started by  Maris Fisler
Does any know if there is a portal command that is the equvilant of the 'finger' command on LID From time to time we need to see who is logged in through the Portal and I can not find anything on the Lawson knowledge base (no surprise there) that will show me how to do this. Thanks, Maris Fisler Perot Systems Northern Arizona Healthcare
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by  Alex TsekhanskyJump to last post
11/9/2005 7:05 PM

All programs list    

Started by  Greg Moeller
All users here were used to LID. Now we are trying to get them moved over to Portal. This brought SEVERAL issues and problems, but the one that sticks out for me is in LID, you could do an F8, enter the system code (ie PO) and drop down to find the screen or job that you needed. This was not available in Portal, so I wrote a script that made it available as a Help option. If anyone would like a copy of this script for use at your site, please email me.
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11/2/2005 5:04 PM
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