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    We're looking into obtaining large amount of data from Lawson Portal. Is there a way to obtain a large volume of data from Lawson Portal? We're not looking to obtain all of the data at once, but in piece meal. Currently we send a DME query to https:///servlet/Router/Data/Erp? and the data is returned in CSV 1. Does Lawson Portal support paging requests as in page = 1, pageSize = 1000 where the API will return the number of pages and the CSV data? If not, are there any strategies that allow a client to obtain large amounts of data from Lawson Portal? Thanks in advance
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      Do you guys not use MS-addins or Crystal Reports?
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        Use _OUT=XML and it will return xx number of rows as well as NEXT (and PREV) tags containing the URLs to page forward and backward.
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