Lawson Portal Timeout--not forcing a re login

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    Hi All, Hope somebody can point me where to look. We upgraded to Current versions of ESP11/ Landmark V11 and to the ADFS process. 

    We have our ssoconfig timeout value to the desired times.  We did not change that when we updated. 

    What we see happening now, is that when that timer forces the close of the session, the user never gets the Lawson re-login page.  It just takes them directly back into the application.   It is like an auto-login.  

    I have this tested on Both Chrome and IE and both operate the same. 

    Any ideas/what/where to look. 



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      We are experiencing the same thing here. We had our local server guys look at the network, specifically ADFS, and found one setting that could contribute. After testing, it did not change anything. I think now hearing that another Lawson/Infor customer is having the same problem, we can chalk it up to one of their patch levels.

      Not sure where to go from here as we too are baffled by this.

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