Inline code in Mashups

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    I'm building a control into a mashup that will validate a card number before it can be used to start operations. I would like the mashup event to be triggered without interaction by the user other than typing in their 4-digit employee number. 

    So my approach is to set a checkBox to be checked once the length of a TextBox = 4. The checkbox should raise a click event to trigger a mashup event.

    In my Xaml, i have a CheckBox with a Style that contains DataTriggers. Whenever the property Text.Length of CardNo_Txt is 4, the CheckBox's IsChecked Property changes to True. Which is working, but however is not raising the "Click" event that would trigger a mashup event. 

    So I am trying  to use inline code to raise the Click event if IsChecked changes to true. But have been unsuccessful thus far from within the designer. has anyone been able to use Inline Code in a mashup?


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