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Last Post 7/5/2017 12:08 PM by  Kat V
Item frozen by physical inventory
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7/3/2017 7:21 PM

    End user here-keep it simple. 


    We have completed our year end physical inventory. When I go into IC12 and look up an item, there is a note saying ***ITEM LOCATION IS FROZEN*** 

    I double checked with my inventory lead, and she said she did unfreeze everything.

    We can issue (IC21),  receive (PO30), and requisition just fine, but we cannot do a requisition return (RQ35 because it says items is frozen).

    Is there someplace I should be looking or is there a report I can run? 

    I looked in IC78.1 (Select ID Status).  The year end ID has a freeze date, freeze time, pages, lines, update date, and unexplained. (181)=can somebody explain the unexplained to me?

    I have tried to do the IC179 (delete frozen records) but there is nothing there.

    What am I missing?  Any ideas?  OR is this another Lawson gremlin???

    Thank You

    Kat V
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    7/5/2017 12:08 PM
    On IC78, the second field is "In Use Only" - change that to Y (Yes) and inquire. That should show you which select ID is freezing your item. You can copy that and then go to IC170 and paste it into the select ID there.

    If you get no results on IC78, then you have a bug that will need to be reported to Infor to work.
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