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Last Post 07/07/2017 9:09 AM by  NHBB
LTM - how to update resource data after action is complete
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07/07/2017 9:09 AM
    We are updating procedures to make creation of new user id's more streamlined and timely.  In our current procedure the user id for system access cannot be created until the hiring of an employee is complete, in particular only after the employee id has been created.  Because of the volume of transactions processed by our central HR department, there may be delays before they have the opportunity to review, or "audit", the transaction and complete the hire work unit which creates the employee id.  Our project goal is to separate the creation of the employee id from the completion of the audit function. Additionally the audit function must produce an entry in the audit log, so an update on the resource record must occur.  Our design is to modify the hire-related IPA flows such that an employee id can be created with an interim relationship to org and then a separate IPA flow to audit the transaction (route to HR Admin) is triggered, during which central HR will update the relationship to organization.  We want the audit IPA to be triggered from the hire IPA automatically and to include all the information related to the hire so that the HR Admin InBasket displays exactly what it does now when that node is part of the hire IPA.  I don't know how to get this to display in the InBasket.  It seems I should reference the hire action directly, but I am not familiar with doing this and can you use a completed action (per our new design the action is completed after the approval by the department level HR staff) to populate all the transaction data in a UA node?  We don't have to have a separate IPA flow either, as long as we can get a single hire IPA flow to create the resource record (produce the employee number) and then present in the HR Admin InBasket the current/newly created resource data available for update by the HR Admin. 
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