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Last Post 01/11/2019 2:01 PM by  Kristi_ANTHC
call a stored procedure and pass the result to recsum
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01/11/2019 2:01 PM
    I have been tasked with adding a link (which is the result of a SQL stored procedure from a non-lawson database) to our Requisition tasks. I need to use recsum.htm to render the tasks. I can use a SQL node in the Req IPA to call the stored procedure, however I haven't been able to find a way to pass the resulting link as a parameter to recsum.htm. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

    I suspect the best option is to call the SQL stored procedure from recsum.htm via a custom cgi or .NET script. Does anyone have experience with this approach in an Infor/Lawson environment?

    I thought of maybe calling the stored procedure from the IPA and storing the result in a custom table, then using a DME object in recsum.htm to retrieve it, however I have no idea how to make a custom table accessible to a DME object, or if that is even possible. Does anyone have feedback regarding this approach?

    Alternatively I have attempted to pull the HTML and javascript logic out of the recsum.htm file and put it in the Req IPA (putting the HTML in the User Action node and the javascript in an Assign node and then sort of combining them in the User Action node) however after several frustrating days I get the feeling this is not a viable option. Does anyone have experience with this approach?

    Any ideas are welcome, and I sincerely Thank You for your time!
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