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3 Replies and 1642 Views Vendor Tax ID XREF  1642  3 Started by  BrianM Does anyone out there do a cross reference of vendor tax id's to 'something' to ensure that they are a valid business
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by  M GrahamJump to last post
10/19/2018 3:22 PM
2 Replies and 475 Views Hiding Non-Stock Items in RQC  475  2 Started by  adelatte We have non-stock items that have never been ordered since we transitioned to Lawson 5 years ago.  They still want to keep the info going to EPIC through the clinical bridge so I need to find a way to hide these items from showing in RQC without inactivating in IC11.  Any ideas
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by  adelatteJump to last post
10/18/2018 3:24 PM
2 Replies and 179 Views Delete EDHISTRANS ??  179  2 Started by  WadeYohanek I got the message below from someone in our IT. Does this make sense to anyone else Doesn't seem logical that the EDI job would need to be doing a full table scan each time. I'm pretty sure he means the EDHISTRANS table since I can't find the table he mentions. ----------------------- Our you ok with us  purging  the transaction history, it is causing the ED501/ED502 job to run extremely slow. The ED501 should complete in 1 minutes,  but it taking upto 12 minutes.  ...
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by  WadeYohanekJump to last post
10/11/2018 10:08 AM
0 Replies and 96 Views Choose Columns button  96  0 Started by  WadeYohanek Does anyone know how to (or if it is possible) to get the fields you add to the List View through the Choose Columns button to stay as a default
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10/09/2018 10:44 AM
5 Replies and 295 Views Moving Warehouse to new locations- All new Bins  295  5 Started by  Sheri This winter we will be moving from one warehouse location to a new facility, along with having all new bins for the inventory items. So all our IC12 inventory items will need a new bin entered. Currently in order to change bins on inventory items, you use the IC26 screen which brings the amount on hand along with the item when moving to another bin. Does anyone know or have experience with moving over 1,000 items I would like to use the upload function, to put in the new bin, but I want to m...
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by  Chris LeonardisJump to last post
10/04/2018 2:56 PM
4 Replies and 3147 Views PO Distribution Upload  3147  4 Started by  Kat V Anyone have a PO21.3 upload map handy  I'm having issues trying to figure out the HK.   MMD- Component Sequence and AOC Code are particularly head-scratchy to me.
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by  DianaJump to last post
09/27/2018 9:23 AM
4 Replies and 560 Views RQC approvals by activity (not by user email)  560  4 Started by  pjdonovan Good Day to all you fine folks!!! Currently, we use IPA to route REQs for approval to one specific user (via one of the index fields in RQ04) simple and effective..   However, we have end users that order for different Labs/Depts that use certain activities (grants) and when the user enters the REQ it goes to just that one person and many times this approver has to forward the approval to a different user/approver because they oversee the activity/grant.   Is anyone in the same si...
4 560
by  kflores01Jump to last post
09/24/2018 8:25 AM
2 Replies and 180 Views Item Master Search  180  2 Started by  Bev Edwards Are there other options available to users who want to search for items in the item master (to see if they have a number)   Other than granting read only access to IC11, I'm not sure what else can be done.   She is an approver, so she cannot have access to the search catalog because that will grant shopping access.   Are there other options to search for Lawson Item Master items, other than IC11
2 180
by  Bev EdwardsJump to last post
09/21/2018 11:49 AM
0 Replies and 121 Views Item Description in the GL?  121  0 Started by  isawill Hello!   Does anyone know if/where we can change the parameters so that the item description, rather than the item number, shows in the GL accounts after posting through IC130 Thanks!
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09/20/2018 8:53 AM
2 Replies and 273 Views RQC - From location - Detail Profile tab  273  2 Started by  Bev Edwards Is the From Company and From location (required) on the Detail profile tab your ship to information Now that we are on v10, when creating a req, the company you have on your basic tab, is not an available choice on your Detail profile tab. Infor has explained that this is due to how the tables index with each other, so the end user will have to manually key in the information on the detail profile tab. Is the company and from location the ship to information The office manager is direct...
2 273
by  JeremyJump to last post
09/05/2018 2:40 PM
1 Replies and 214 Views MSCM - Leveraging Handheld Printers to Create Delivery Tickets and Track Packages  214  1 Started by  SamHilsman Problem:   In MSCM, when receiving a PO and printing a delivery ticket, it appears that MSCM determines which printer to use based on the requesting location for that PO.    Current Process:   Currently at our hospital, we have three people receiving at the same time, and they are not able to sort and group the packages by location before receiving them. In other words, all three receivers are receiving POs from many different locations. Currently they are running a PO3...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
08/30/2018 10:26 AM
1 Replies and 418 Views Rightfax vs Fax Integrator  418  1 Started by  DavidV Has anyone integrated PO faxing and emailing via Rightfax  If so how expensive was it to build the integration and how long did it take to build and implement  Are there additional components needed I can setup Fax Integrator in a day; however, our corporation want's to use out enterprise fax solution which his Rightfax.   My concern is replicating all the integration already built in Fax Integrator.  
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by  Andre77Jump to last post
08/16/2018 12:02 PM
0 Replies and 180 Views List of all Supply Chain tables  180  0 Started by  Bev Edwards How can I find a complete list of all Supply Chain tables
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08/16/2018 10:21 AM
0 Replies and 108 Views P2P under one manager  108  0 Started by  JonA Are there any health systems out there managing both Purchasing and Accounts Payable within Materials Management
0 108
08/14/2018 11:16 AM
1 Replies and 231 Views Requisition Approval through Infor Notifications App  231  1 Started by  Casy We are looking to use the Infor Notifications app for mobile requisition approval.  Through testing, we found that the requisition does not contain enough information for the approver to actually know the products they are approving.  They can see the dollar amount and that is it.  This poses a risk for us.  How are other facilities using this app for requisition approvals and does anyone know of any customization that can be done  Thank you!
1 231
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/10/2018 8:58 AM
2 Replies and 364 Views Backorder Notification for RQ?  364  2 Started by  Derek I found the 'WH Backord Line' Service and I went down the IPA road.     Two weeks with support and ... evidently WH110 Batch Allocation only triggers for OE back orders.  We use RQ to order from our warehouse.  Warehouse wants to notify users immediately, if there is an item back order.   We use Smart Notes for Kill notification, but I really dislike Smart Notes and want to notify users ASAP.   Any thoughts on best method for immediate-ish, notificati...
2 364
by  DerekJump to last post
08/07/2018 2:49 PM
0 Replies and 177 Views Vendor Return Form Question  177  0 Started by  Erik G. Good Afternoon all,   We are getting ready to start our upgrade from 9 to 10 and as part of that I am trying to do some general system cleanup.  One of the areas where we have let slide in the past is cleaning up old open Vendor Returns.  My question to all of you is what is the best way to close out returns where we were credited less then the value of the returned goods due to a restocking fee or some other issue.  These are already at the Waiting for Vendor action stage...
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08/03/2018 2:28 PM
1 Replies and 280 Views PO 20  280  1 Started by  Boyd Does anyone know if there is a report or a query that will show all of the invoices (including invoice number, amount and date processed) that have been processed against a PO in PO 20     Any help is appreciated.  
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by  Kat VJump to last post
07/27/2018 1:24 PM
12 Replies and 2524 Views Item Descriptions  2524  12 Started by  Neil Allen I'm curious to see what others are doing to create their item descriptions.  We're currently using Nuvia as the source of truth for these but we're finding that a small percentage are wrong and that a much higher percentage they recommend are duplicate descriptions.  I'd love to hear what others have done to standardize their descriptions in the item master.
12 2524
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/25/2018 4:24 PM
0 Replies and 177 Views Lawson Procurement - Guide - Quick Reference  177  0 Started by  WISCMANGO! Good afternoon,   I am newer here to the forum and also to the informatics role in Lawson.  I am learning mainly by other internal employees with Lawson experience.   I am also looking to find other guides and references that help with understanding Lawson procurement and different interactions between the modules.  I really don't see much out there other than the documentation infor has provided.  I'm looking for something more intuitive.   Any recommendatio...
0 177
07/20/2018 3:19 PM
2 Replies and 259 Views clean up old service POs  259  2 Started by  NatalieD Hello All,   I've been tasked with creating upload wizards to try to mass close old service PO's. I was given the steps below:   1. cancel remaining lines 2. change issue method to D (do not print) 3. change revision to N 4. release PO 5.issue final   My question is whether the issue final is required since I am assigning 'Do No Print' as the issue method prior to releasing the PO and in my research I've read that Issue final is generally used for other issue methods. &...
2 259
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/17/2018 2:00 PM
1 Replies and 288 Views PO Holds  288  1 Started by  Sal Scanio How can I report on Buyer PO holds. Thanks you in advance. 
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by  JonAJump to last post
07/10/2018 9:05 AM
1 Replies and 312 Views Cannot release requisitions in RQC when PO Code field is populated  312  1 Started by  mb23 We cannot release requisitions in RQC when we populate the PO Code field. The Release tab is grayed out. We use IPA for requisition approval. We need to know what is causing this issue and how to correct it. We can release the requisition in RQ10 if we remove the PO Code. Not sure how the PO code is impacting the requisition.
1 312
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/09/2018 10:05 AM
0 Replies and 147 Views Requisition Center and Blanket PO  147  0 Started by  Jeremy I have not done blanket PO's and am looking to utilize it.  Is it possible to have a requisition created via RQC/Requisition Center reference the Blanket agreement  
0 147
06/26/2018 10:45 AM
1 Replies and 309 Views Best Practice - Multiple companies  309  1 Started by  Bev Edwards We have a director who made the decision to create multiple companies so that she could report on transactions per company. The ED40 records were not set up correctly to capture the additional companies and as a result, the 810 records were not parsed out, leaving Finance to manually enter in the other company invoices.   Now, they are asking if they should move back to one company since all of the po's under each company are charged back to one bank account number.   What is th...
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by  JonAJump to last post
06/21/2018 10:30 AM
4 Replies and 1024 Views Modify MSCM label  1024  4 Started by  Bev Edwards How can a MSCM label be modified to add a field
4 1024
by  JonAJump to last post
06/14/2018 12:36 PM
3 Replies and 494 Views Report for all open requisitions  494  3 Started by  Bev Edwards Is there a canned report that shows all open requisitions that have not been released to PO23   We ran a query for all reqs (specified date), with a status of '9', but there are reqs in the data that are showing closed in Lawson.
3 494
by  JonAJump to last post
06/14/2018 6:34 AM
8 Replies and 2030 Views PO23  2030  8 Started by  Bev Edwards I am currently supporting a hospital whose buyer staff manage PO's beginning with PO23. It was always my understanding that PO100 runs to pull the reqs into PO23. If parms are set to not auto release, the buyer would go to PO23, inspect and release from there to PO20. They filtered their orders by the requesting location but nothing came up in PO23. A day later, they filtered and they were able to pull them up in PO23 when they filtered the order by the requisition numbe...
8 2030
by  Kat VJump to last post
06/08/2018 8:16 AM
2 Replies and 719 Views Multiple Vendor Item Numbers  719  2 Started by  TerriS How does one handle an item that has two different vendor item numbers for the same vendor   Examples:   Cook Medical, Dilator, the Catalog Nbr is G01471, but the Product Nbr is JCD20.0-38-20. Boston Scient, Stent, the Catalog Nbr is 38937-1225, but the Product Nbr is H7493893712250. From a Purchasing standpoint, the item is ordered via the Catalog Nbr. From a Nursing standpoint, the item is searched for via the Product Nbr. I've been adding the second number the the Desc3...
2 719
by  JonAJump to last post
06/05/2018 3:14 PM
1 Replies and 477 Views IC220 and Archived Receipts  477  1 Started by  Kat V On v10, we use FC: V (Archive) on PO20 to clear RNI for Inventory as routine.  When we were looking at the IC220 report, we noticed that it was reporting it wrong.   if you have 100 and archive 50, on IC50, it correctly shows your SOH After Image as 50.  On IC220, it showed it as 150.  Any transaction that happened later immediately had the correct Before Image of 50 and the GL and IC50 were correct.  So we didn't see it until we started pushing the IC220 to others and...
1 477
by  JonAJump to last post
06/04/2018 12:27 PM
6 Replies and 3086 Views Multiple companies in MA540csv  3086  6 Started by  Bev Edwards My user wants to be able to run her MA540 and choose the company she wants to run, but from what Infor tells me, there needs to be a custom script written to handle this. Has anyone or is anyone doing this now
6 3086
by  ajnJump to last post
05/29/2018 2:42 PM
2 Replies and 728 Views Unable to approve Requisitions  728  2 Started by  NotWright Since moving to the cloud in April, we are having an intermittent issue where an approver gets an error and can't approve a requisition.  It says error calling Gettrav service, an unknown error occurred. This happens only on 'special' requisitions, but not on all special requisitions.  An approver may have 8 requisitions from the same requestor and will be able to approve 7 of the 8, but one will give them the error.  Other times they might have 10 and 5 of them wi...
2 728
by  NotWrightJump to last post
05/22/2018 9:03 AM
1 Replies and 650 Views MA64 Message  650  1 Started by  Kathy Unger We are working on a standardized process when responding to MA64 messages and I am looking for your input. Currently when we process a MA64 we change the PO price to match the invoice on PO20.1, than on MA66.3 we select “Accept” for PO Unit Cost and Reason Code “PPAI”. Although sometimes we are unable to change the PO price we still select the Accept and PPAI.   Recently we have been informed by our Accounts Payable department that we are completing our message i...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
05/21/2018 1:19 PM
1 Replies and 618 Views MA531 error: Detail record is required for tracked inventory items  618  1 Started by  JonA Getting this error when MA531 runs on inventory POs.  But it's hit and miss, doesn't happen on every inventory PO and when it does happen it's always on the last line of the PO.  I can't see any difference in the detail for that line and any of the other lines- that is, nothing seems to be missing.
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by  JonAJump to last post
05/17/2018 9:19 AM
3 Replies and 838 Views PO Number Usage  838  3 Started by  R Phillips This is probably one of those slap your forehead, why didn't I think about that issues.  How are PO Numbers used within Lawson and why does it seem like PO Numbers are being skipped  Many years ago they created a PO Number scheme that assigned location A to all POs in the 70000000 range and location B all POs in the 80000000 range. Well, we are now at around 79100000 and are trying to figure out how long before we hit 80000000. We process about 500 POs per day yet the numbers are di...
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by  R PhillipsJump to last post
05/16/2018 12:35 PM
0 Replies and 168 Views Report for Replenishment lines  168  0 Started by  DennisJMitchell Is there a pre-defined report for getting the number of replenishment lines for a company for a particular vendor or should I just write the query Any suggested tables I should use/ link I wish there was a manual for Lawson 10.
0 168
05/15/2018 9:42 PM
1 Replies and 743 Views Customize form for bone and tissue  743  1 Started by  Jeff N We are looking at ways to improve handling of frozen tissue. Our plan is to use a user defined field in IC11 to indicate 'frozen', 'bone and tissue' etc. We would then like that field to appear on receipt documents with those items. Has anyone accomplished something like this   Thanks, Jeff
1 743
by  JonAJump to last post
05/15/2018 2:26 PM
9 Replies and 2583 Views MS AddIns  2583  9 Started by  ShaunRide Looking for other organizations deployment of AddIns.  Do the majority of your functional users have access, for example inventory supervisors, receiving supervisors, buyers, etc or is it just in use by your technical team/superuser team.   Thanks
9 2583
by  R PhillipsJump to last post
05/10/2018 5:22 PM
2 Replies and 810 Views Backorder report  810  2 Started by  LaDora (I am a simple end user who is learning as she goes.)   Is there a report I can run that would show backorders  I want to include PO's that we have placed that have not been received by the delivery date. We had a much needed product that was placed on order over a month ago.  We did not realize we had not received it until pharmacy was screaming for more and we had none.  I was hoping there would be a report I could run that would show what has not been received by the '...
2 810
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/09/2018 3:10 PM
1 Replies and 839 Views Move RQ line to different PO  839  1 Started by  karogers Is there a way to move a PO line to a different PO while keeping the tie to the requisition line A user create a PO from PO23 and added three of the four lines on the Req to one PO but then accidentally added the fourth line to a second, different PO. She wants them to all be on one PO but we want to keep the tie to the original req line. Is there a way to transfer this line to the correct PO while keeping the tie to the original Req line
1 839
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/04/2018 12:47 PM
2 Replies and 1026 Views Catalog/Express Order Search in RQC  1026  2 Started by  Brenda We are having an issue with several items that do not bring back a search when using the catalog search in RQC; however you can search for it in express order without issue.  I have checked IC11,PO13.3,and PO25.6.  Everything looks in order.  We do use contract management so not sure if that would have an impact on the search or not.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I log an incident with Infor.  Thanks for you time.
2 1026
by  bruppJump to last post
04/23/2018 10:49 AM
1 Replies and 1267 Views Setting up IC81 with multiple issue accounting units and issue accounts  1267  1 Started by  Johnmac Hello, I have an ic81 par location named K128. K128 contains 100 items. On a daily basis, Mobile Supply Chain is utilized to scan all 100 items and submit replenishment orders directly to the vendor. K128 has a default issue accounting unit of 11006 and issue account of 63020 in rq01. I would like 1 of the 100 items in K128 to be expensed to issue accounting unit 31710 and account 63020 when the item is reordered using MSCM. How can I go about creating this   Thank you. 
1 1267
by  Kat VJump to last post
03/27/2018 2:48 PM
1 Replies and 1347 Views Punchout - RQC  1347  1 Started by  Leslie We are using a hosted Lawson services through Velocity and are trying to implement punchout to Grainger.  I am able to punch out to the vendor website and place my order, but the requisitions lines are not coming back to populate the req.  When the tech at Velocity creates the requisition, the lines populate, and when I use a browser other than IE11 (Firefox) the lines also populate.  Does anyone have any ideas on where the gap might be  Nothing is coming back to on-premise ...
1 1347
by  LeslieJump to last post
03/21/2018 5:54 PM
4 Replies and 1567 Views PO Codes  1567  4 Started by  brupp Hello - We want to start using PO Codes to identify Service, Capital, Bill Only & PO's created to pay an invoice.  The set up looks easy enough.  I'll make sure the field is included with the appropriate EDI sets.  I'm assuming the code needs to be on an invoice, or in other works, required on the AP side  Anything else I need to consider Are there any other types of PO's we should consider creating codes for   Thanks.
4 1567
by  LeslieJump to last post
03/21/2018 12:22 PM
2 Replies and 1316 Views Transfers Intercompany  1316  2 Started by  dz I work for a large health system spread out across the US. Each region has it's own company code...I know within a region it's easy to do an inventory transfer from one perpetual inventory to another...Does Lawson allow us to transfer inventory to another  'company code'
2 1316
by  dzJump to last post
03/20/2018 5:32 PM
1 Replies and 1359 Views Print the contents of a Document??  1359  1 Started by  Russell Spreeman Some Lawson forms in procurement, i.e. IC21, IC53 - make reference to a document ID. If you enter the company number, location, document ID and maybe another thing or two you can see all the items that are on the document. Is there a way to enter the information describing a document (location, company, doc ID etc.) and get the doc to list all the items so they can be printed out
1 1359
by  Jason BeardJump to last post
03/14/2018 10:42 AM
5 Replies and 3312 Views PO13 Cleanup  3312  5 Started by  brupp Hello - I want to delete all of our inactive PO13's but for some Lawson throws Item exists in Ven Agrmt XXXX.  It's a valid edit as items are on hold in PO25.6 but those won't delete with Lawson throwing Cannot delete, orders have been placed against agreement line.  Not sure if this is a valid edit or not.  Yes orders were placed, but all orders (PO Lines) are closed for this vendor.  How can I delete the PO13 in this instance  Do we have a bug  Thanks.
5 3312
by  anu singhJump to last post
03/05/2018 8:26 AM
1 Replies and 1734 Views Source of Receiving - MSCM vs. PO30  1734  1 Started by  Neil Allen Is there a way to determine what PO lines were received via MSCM and what lines were received via PO30  We would like to start tracking that data for some productivity reports.
1 1734
by  Kat VJump to last post
02/16/2018 3:07 PM
8 Replies and 2093 Views Inbound 856/810 Changing UoM  2093  8 Started by  EricCMH We are using EDI with GHX - We are sending/receiving a UoM of 'CA' for an item we are purchasing and receiving. When our translation job runs inbound the 'CA' is being changed to a 'CS'. I have created a record in ED40.1 for that specific EDI vendor of 'CA' to 'CA', but we are still having the issue where these are being pulled in as 'CS'. In our translation script I know that the L1 values are being referenced if no other Substitution Value for the EDI vendor is found, but that's why I entered ...
8 2093
by  EricCMHJump to last post
02/13/2018 2:33 PM
1 Replies and 1736 Views IC11 UOM Upload - New Item Add  1736  1 Started by  Neil Allen Looking to see if someone has developed an add-in upload to add buy UOM.  We'd like to be able to upload the buy UOM like this when adding a new item to IC11.      
1 1736
by  Kat VJump to last post
02/12/2018 4:18 PM
2 Replies and 1788 Views Item Master Catalog Extract to third party vendors  1788  2 Started by  Gabe Toledo I am looking to see how everyone else sends their item master information to third party vendors...  i.e IC11, IC12, PO13, PO25.6.  Multiple files sent  Is there a way to compile all of these files into one thank you Gabe
2 1788
by  JonAJump to last post
02/09/2018 8:27 AM
1 Replies and 1759 Views Par Utilization  1759  1 Started by  Neil Allen Is anyone using a custom report instead of IC182 for par utilization  This is the logic Lawson uses but wondering if someone has come up with a better way to determine usage and par recommendations through a custom script.   Recommended Par Level (Avg. Requisition Qty (2*Std Deviation)) * Requisition Count * (Replenishment Days/Number of Days with Activity) Daily Average Utilization: Total Quantity in date range / days in range 1 Impact: (Recommended Par Level - C...
1 1759
by  JonAJump to last post
02/09/2018 8:22 AM
1 Replies and 1683 Views Updating Audit Rule Maintenance (PO01.2)  1683  1 Started by  WadeYohanek Hi all,   I am trying to change some flags on the Audit Rules to add more fields to our PO Audits. So we have the Y/N boxes for Audit and Print and in between is the Update field that is Y/N. I cannot change the Audit Y/N box if the Update field is N and I cannot find where to change that Update field. Any ideas   Thanks,
1 1683
by  Kat VJump to last post
02/08/2018 3:50 PM
1 Replies and 1670 Views RQ13 Approval  1670  1 Started by  Bev Edwards Is there a report that can be run to see if a req was approved via RQ13
1 1670
by  Kat VJump to last post
02/08/2018 3:45 PM
4 Replies and 3907 Views Departmental Usage Report  3907  4 Started by  LaDora (simple end user here) Is there a report I can run that will detail what a department is getting requisitioned/issued to them I know I can do IC220 (transaction history).  This allows me to choose the department AND the expense code, if I choose, as well as date parameters.  However, this report is looking like items that are issued to them via IC21.  Is there a way to run a similar report but for par cart records (IC83) How about items that are requisitioned&nbs...
4 3907
by  anu singhJump to last post
02/06/2018 11:56 AM
2 Replies and 1738 Views Job failure/waiting notification  1738  2 Started by  NatalieD We recently had a PO100 job stop in the 'waiting' queue due to 'invalid parameters.' Once I was notified of the issue, I was able to update the jobs step parameters and the job ran successfully. Unfortunately, the job had been failing for over 24hours without notification. We do not appear to have a way to be notified of such issues.   Does anyone have a notification system for when jobs fail or are stuck in 'waiting'   I don't have access to the server, i just add and maintain th...
2 1738
by  JudeBacJump to last post
02/05/2018 12:02 PM
0 Replies and 273 Views PO20 - Vendor Agreement line could not be locked  273  0 Started by  Ed C Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this error    Setup - PO25 Contract type Agreement without any agreement line in PO25.6   -  Allow reference of items not on agreement is Y.   Created a Service Type agreement in PO20. Was able to reference the Vendor Agreement but upon release getting the error - Vendor Agreement line could not be locked. 
0 273
02/05/2018 11:31 AM
0 Replies and 270 Views Looking for LBUM.DTD  270  0 Started by  darwin collins When I select XML options within (Mass purchase order issue) Lawson PO120, it will generate a (date time stamp). PO file which includes issues purchase orders in an XML format.  At the top of that file, it has the reference: Needless to say, I'm looking for that .DTD file since it will tell me the definition of the XML file so that I can read it correctly.  I have already entered a support ticket, but no luck yet. Any ideas
0 270
01/30/2018 11:19 AM
3 Replies and 1984 Views SET UP OF REPROCESSED ITEMS  1984  3 Started by  Patty B Any hospital ordering reprocessed goods We will soon begin recycling via Hygia, some commonly used items i.e. BP CUFFS ; CHAIR PADs for buy back from our distributor. These items are in our inventory locations and also housed in Pxyis. The fill rate of the reprocessed goods will be 65,and the 35 remainder new product will be shipped. We are dealing with two different vendor item numbers for the same item ( one reprocessed the other new ). Would you use one Lawson number and sub when the ...
3 1984
by  Kat VJump to last post
01/29/2018 9:51 AM
0 Replies and 235 Views PO01 Days Setting for AOC  235  0 Started by  brupp Is anyone using PO01 Add On Cost Close Days  If so, what is your setting, how did you arrive at that setting, who determined the setting, & how is it working  We recently had a PO with a $200K trade in AOC that was not on the invoice & Finance wanted it cleared from the PO135.  Luckily all of the PO lines could be cancelled if not already closed so it worked out this time.  The PO135 cleared with the PO190.  Thanks.
0 235
01/29/2018 9:44 AM
0 Replies and 269 Views templates  269  0 Started by  Max CCMC Hello all, I've been trying to add a template to RQC but the template does not appear there.please advise
0 269
01/25/2018 11:24 AM
0 Replies and 254 Views Vendor Compiling  254  0 Started by  Sheri Is anyone compiling nonstick orders for a particular Vendor on a set day Currently all our Nonstock orders compile daily. We would like to set some Vendors to compile only on a particular day, so we meet our min order amount.   Does anyone have a workaround or process for this   Thanks!  
0 254
01/17/2018 10:07 AM
3 Replies and 2402 Views Installing New RQC_CONFIG.XML  2402  3 Started by  Jeremy We have edited our rqc_config.xml file to set some fields to required.  However, it's not taking effect.   We did this last year, but the system admin that did it is gone and we can't remember how to get it to take effect.   I went into Requisition Center Utilities and clicked the 'Reload configuration file' button, but that doesn't seem to have worked.
3 2402
by  JeremyJump to last post
12/21/2017 8:33 AM
2 Replies and 2858 Views POEDI - ED501  2858  2 Started by  Bev Edwards  How does this process work   I know you need an ftp address to transmit files in either direction, but I was looking for a more technical description.
2 2858
by  darwin collinsJump to last post
12/16/2017 4:17 PM
4 Replies and 2933 Views Item Sourcing Differently on RQ10 and RQC  2933  4 Started by  JODAMORE We recently did a conversion for primary distributor.  We changed all applicable IC12 Sourcing, PO13, and IC81/IC82 locs accordingly. However, we are running into instances where someone is ordering an item that is off contract, but RQC is still sourcing to the old distributor.  The Vendor PN populates with our internal item because the PO13 record is inactivated.  This REQ LOC also does not have this item in its IC81 listing, so it wasn't driven by IC81. My experience is that...
4 2933
by  JeremyJump to last post
12/14/2017 5:39 PM
2 Replies and 2248 Views Requisition Splitting Into Multiple PO's  2248  2 Started by  Jeremy We are having a very frustrating issue in which occasionally, a requisition will split into two purchase orders. When we discover it and go back to look at the requisition, some of the lines will have Vendor 'A' and some lines will have vendor 'B' even though the requester set a vendor at the header level and SWEARS that they are not editing the lines to put a different vendor on them. We do not have any IC12's setup. We do not use PO25's. We do not use PO13's (any more).  We did have s...
2 2248
by  JeremyJump to last post
12/12/2017 12:10 PM
2 Replies and 2253 Views PO line order when using PO23  2253  2 Started by  JonA This morning one of our buyers asked me why the lines on a PO weren't in the same order as the requisition lines that were selected in PO23.  I had always thought the order was random. Here's the scenario.  We have a TAVR program and when the procedure is done the Cath Lab submits a bill only requisition for the consigned items used in the procedure.  The vendor requires that the items are entered in a particular order on the PO- procedure device followed by closure device(s).&nb...
2 2253
by  JonAJump to last post
12/11/2017 12:17 PM
5 Replies and 2901 Views Pharmacy through Lawson  2901  5 Started by  pglibra Hello all, I was searching in the forum for pharmacy in Lawson and came across a very old post. Was wondering if anyone is using Lawson for Pharmacy orders and, if so, how they are doing it basically Word on the street is it cannot be done. Thanks pglibra
5 2901
by  Kat VJump to last post
12/11/2017 11:01 AM
0 Replies and 274 Views 856 Record to kill lines  274  0 Started by  Jeff N I was looking at some MA53 records and noticed there is a 'cancel remaining' (f59) field. Is there any part of the 856 record where the vendor can send this as part of the 856 record We are on LUOM with O&M and currently need to have someone kill backorders manually. If O&M can send this information it would be a great way to streamline the process.   Thanks, Jeff
0 274
12/08/2017 8:17 AM
0 Replies and 438 Views Expiration Dates for Items  438  0 Started by  Brenda How is everyone managing items that have expiration dates in lawson  Currently we are using a yellow dot program, when an item has an expiration date associated to it the bin the item is in has a yellow dot on it.  This indicates to the central stores folks that this item needs to be checked to make sure the item is in allowed time frame before sending it to the floor.  We want to manage this in lawson and I don't see way to do that.  Any info would be appreciated.  Tha...
0 438
12/07/2017 1:20 PM
0 Replies and 280 Views EPIC or Lawson to Generate Demand?  280  0 Started by  Amanda Valcik Wanted to get feedback from those of you using EPIC and Lawson and how inventory is decremented and patient charges are captured. I've seen a variety of processes leveraged to enter reqs/issues to create demand/decrement inventory throughout surgical areas using EPIC and Infor.  Options where the req/issue and patient charge is entered in EPIC and interfaced into Infor using IC500 and options where a req is entered in Infor and the patient charge is entered separately in EPIC.  The ch...
0 280
12/07/2017 1:12 PM
10 Replies and 2741 Views Item expensed to one Department, ordered by many  2741  10 Started by  Sheri Hi, has anyone worked out a process to have a particular item (nonstock) always expense to one department, regardless of which department orders it I do not want to create a new par location, would like to be able to add an item to multiple areas, but always have the expense default to one particular department. Thanks Sheri  
10 2741
by  SheriJump to last post
12/04/2017 9:52 AM
4 Replies and 2496 Views Inbound EDI Vendor Data  2496  4 Started by  Ike_Duran Having 856 auto receipt issues due to vendor autosubs. is there a way to use 855 data to automatically update PO with new item
4 2496
by  Kat VJump to last post
12/04/2017 9:30 AM
1 Replies and 2397 Views Service PO Lines - Add Credit To Closed Line  2397  1 Started by  Jeremy Here's the scenario: A PO line is for an item type of quantity service; 3 EA at $100 each.  If we get an invoice in for all three and match it, the PO line will then close. But, we discover we the vendor only provided 2 of the the 3 servicings, so they give us a credit memo for one.   We need to be able to match that credit memo back to the PO Line so that when the vendor does later provide the remaining service, they can invoice us for it and we can match it to the PO line. Is th...
1 2397
by  JonAJump to last post
11/29/2017 10:51 AM
1 Replies and 2320 Views Can reqs with a status of Processed be deleted?  2320  1 Started by  Bev Edwards I have a user asking to have 2 reqs deleted that have a status of Processed. Of course, Lawson will not allow this action. She is saying itscCausing a commitment problem for Finance and they are not able to pay against the activity number. Is there a solution to this
1 2320
by  JonAJump to last post
11/29/2017 9:53 AM
1 Replies and 2320 Views Report list of all Capitol POs and Activity  2320  1 Started by  Bev Edwards I have a department requesting a report list of all Capitol POs and Activities. Is there a canned Lawson report that provides this information
1 2320
by  JonAJump to last post
11/29/2017 8:47 AM
3 Replies and 2812 Views Releasing MA54  2812  3 Started by  Amanda Valcik Has anyone automated the release of MA54 records  Used an AddIns to update MA54 records but need to release them so MA540 db input mode will pick up the changes.
3 2812
by  ZL RHSUPJump to last post
11/29/2017 8:15 AM
3 Replies and 2748 Views PO31 Vendor Returns and Reduce Quantity Received  2748  3 Started by  Jeremy The scenario: Order 10 EA Receive 10 Invoiced 10 Pay Invoice Need to return/replace 5 that were shipped defective Do PO31 Enter Credit Memo   Now, how do we handle the next steps:  We need to be able to receive the 5 'new' ones from the vendor and then enter the second invoice for the 5 'new' ones.  The first invoice was for all 10 and we entered and paid it.  Since 5 were defective, the vendor gives us a credit memo for them.   ...
3 2748
by  JeremyJump to last post
11/10/2017 1:25 PM
3 Replies and 2585 Views PO135 v9 vs. v10  2585  3 Started by  Jordan We upgraded from v9/On-Premise to v10/Cloud in September.  When I ran PO135 for September month end, I noticed there were a bunch of lines from the time we went live five years ago to present day, that were not on the report from previous months.  After looking into these PO lines, most appear to be Matched, Not Received issues and then there are a handful (from what I have seen so far) that actually have a Closed status.  I have an incident open with Infor and they claim that 'th...
3 2585
by  Kat VJump to last post
11/10/2017 12:39 PM
0 Replies and 213 Views PO20 for receipts by commodity  213  0 Started by  brupp Hello - Our Materials & Purchasing managers have proposed creating a no charge PO for our food vendors strictly for purposes of receipt & creation of a delivery ticket.  This would help the folks on the dock know where deliveries go.  We do not use Lawson for these orders normally.  Is anyone currently doing this  Any issues to be concerned with, or is there perhaps a better solution  Thanks.
0 213
11/09/2017 7:25 AM
3 Replies and 2716 Views RQC 10.0.6 Customizing the Home Button  2716  3 Started by  Sarah My end users do not use templates, or Punchout at this time.  I would like know how to find these on the Home screen within RQC and have the 'My Most Recent Requisitions' section to utilize the whole top portion as seen in the screen shot attached. I would also like to hide the Template button along the top as well Any and all help is welcomed. Thank you in advance for your help.
3 2716
by  SarahJump to last post
11/07/2017 2:56 PM
2 Replies and 2769 Views Nonstock on Inventory POs  2769  2 Started by  TerriS I'm trying to find a way to keep nonstock items from being added to an inventory PO when using PO100. Does anybody else have this problem
2 2769
by  Russ MJump to last post
11/06/2017 1:47 PM
3 Replies and 2879 Views PO529 and MA531  2879  3 Started by  NatalieD We are looking into creating a automated process using PO529 and MA531. Does anyone know if there's a way to schedule the PO529 We want to schedule but have the early delivery date update to the prior date when it is run. Infor tech says it's not possible. I was curious if anyone uses this job for daily maintenance since it apparently has to be manually run each day.
3 2879
by  B LedetJump to last post
11/01/2017 2:29 PM
1 Replies and 2599 Views Cost Message Issue  2599  1 Started by  brupp Hello - We have an unusual cost message where both the UOM & cost are discrepant.  We want to accept invoice cost, but when we do, Lawson throws a Cannot Accept Message & Change Amount error (see attached).  I opened an incident with Infor & they advised to let the Unit Cost Amount default (we normally fill it in).  The default amount showed as 4.103, which is 410.2995/100, which matches up with the IC11 UOM conv factor.  This closed the message but MA60.3 showed ...
1 2599
by  Kat VJump to last post
11/01/2017 10:50 AM
1 Replies and 2976 Views Need to run a report of all open Service Type PO's  2976  1 Started by  Bev Edwards What is the most efficient way to run a report to capture all open Service type PO's   Does Lawson have a canned report that can be extracted into CSV, then filtered
1 2976
by  Jason BeardJump to last post
10/13/2017 2:49 PM
2 Replies and 3843 Views PO130 Report  3843  2 Started by  Denise When I try to print a PO130 report for a previous date, I get a blank report.  We have it set up so that the box for receiver print changes to 'N' overnight and will not allow me to change it to 'Y' to be able to print.
2 3843
by  ZL RHSUPJump to last post
10/11/2017 3:21 PM
4 Replies and 3261 Views IC11 Comment printing on PO  3261  4 Started by  jerstudd I have a coworker that has created a Purchase Order with only one item on it. When she prints the Purchase Order the comment that was added in ic11 (Itemmast) for that item prints on the actual Purchase Order. I have never seen this happen before. Does anyone have any idea why the comment from IC11 is printing on the Purchase Order Is there an option somewhere that specifies to include/print the IC11 comment with the Purchase Order Any help would be greatly apprec...
4 3261
by  LaDoraJump to last post
10/03/2017 1:53 PM
1 Replies and 2964 Views IC222 Unreleased documents  2964  1 Started by  Bev Edwards There were 47 pages this morning when IC222 was run. Normally, only one page with a few unreleased.   Looked at a couple of these reqs and they are all IS type from our Physicial inventory. Where should I look first to see why there are so many.
1 2964
by  bruppJump to last post
09/29/2017 7:11 PM
2 Replies and 3690 Views MMdist  3690  2 Started by  JoseLuis We wrote the sql query below to pull non-stock item usage but it takes a long time to run. We added the sql to a Crystal Report and published it to our LBI dashboard for our Purchasing department to use. Is there a way to speed up this query     select, pli.po_number, pli.po_release, pli.po_code, pli.vendor, pli.line_nbr as line_nbr,  pcr.tot_order_amt, pcr.dropship_fl, pcr.open_po_amt, pcr.term_code, mmd.acct_unit, mmd.account, mmd.sub_acct,...
2 3690
by  JoseLuisJump to last post
09/01/2017 7:07 AM
2 Replies and 3277 Views EDI v9 to v10  3277  2 Started by  Jordan We are currently running on v9 of Lawson and are in the process of upgrading to v10 in the Cloud.  We've tested EDI orders with three vendors and only one has worked correctly with no issues.  The second one is a mapping change on the vendor's end.  The third we are waiting to hear back but they received the PO on their server, but not into their system and they are trying to determine why. Did anyone else encounter issues, not necessarily the PO's getting to GHX (we've had zero ...
2 3277
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/25/2017 12:37 PM
1 Replies and 3011 Views Deleting a requisition  3011  1 Started by  Bev Edwards I have a user that created 3 reqs under the wrong ID. The director wants the ID to be inactivated, but I'm not able to because the 3 reqs are associated to that id. Is it possible to delete a requisition once it's been created
1 3011
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/25/2017 12:33 PM
3 Replies and 2984 Views PO10.x Procedure Tab  2984  3 Started by  brupp Hello - How do you make the Procedure tab visible in PO10.1 & PO10.2  I've been through PO01 & I have PO01.5 but cannot see where to make this tab visible.  Thanks.
3 2984
by  bruppJump to last post
08/22/2017 10:51 AM
3 Replies and 4322 Views Returns and Credits  4322  3 Started by  LouP We are having a situation where our return value and credit value do not always match on PO64 and PO30. We are on 8.0.3.. Any help would be great...
3 4322
by  IssacJump to last post
08/03/2017 11:12 AM
0 Replies and 350 Views PO20 & PO30 - Information will not populate  350  0 Started by  Bev Edwards This happened in our Prod environment a few months ago. We found that the IE version was an ongoing issue. There was a box under Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tabs for Enable XMLHHTP Support that needed to be checked. Forms then began to once again pull information when using the Inquire function. Our users have since upgraded to IE 11 and have moved to a 64bit Windows OS. Now in Test, PO20 is doing the same thing, but the XMLHPPT Enable Support box is checked. Has anyone else had this pr...
0 350
08/02/2017 8:12 PM
1 Replies and 2722 Views New req locations replacing old locations  2722  1 Started by  Bev Edwards We are creating new locations in RQ01 and updating RQ04 records. I understand that any open reqs that have not been fully processed will need to be handled prior to the old locations being inactivated, otherwise, we will receive edits/issues messages.   My question is, where would the edits/issues messages appear
1 2722
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/02/2017 2:56 PM
2 Replies and 3477 Views Managing Contracts  3477  2 Started by  Jordan Just wondering what everyone uses to manage their contracts from a supply contract to a service contract to a physician contract.  We have Contract Management which is where the majority of our contracts reside including all three types listed previously, but there are still quite a few supply contracts left in PO25 that our contracts team has been working to move to CM. I would like to know if there is another system that interfaces with Lawson that anyone uses or just your general though...
2 3477
by  JordanJump to last post
08/01/2017 10:35 AM
8 Replies and 3995 Views Purchase Order Cost Review Message (MA66.3) comments  3995  8 Started by  pglibra Good afternoon, I am trying to create a query in Access to look at closed cost messages to include the comments from 'Has Comments' field. What table can I find the comment info Thank you Paul
8 3995
by  John BeardJump to last post
08/01/2017 6:57 AM
1 Replies and 2718 Views RQ500 - Unreleased Reqs from ParEx  2718  1 Started by  Bev Edwards If the RQ500 is set to 'R' for Release All, why would requisitions come over to RQ10 in an UNreleased status with Lines
1 2718
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/31/2017 1:19 PM
0 Replies and 381 Views Minimum Order Functionality  381  0 Started by  Healthcare_818 Can anyone please tell me if Lawson has functionality to place minimum order requirements by vendor For example, if a user enters an order for a particular vendor, does Lawson provide a message to let the user know that the order does not meet minimum order requirements Also, would all Lawson software version have this functionality Please help
0 381
07/26/2017 5:42 PM
2 Replies and 4914 Views IC141 & IC142 and Vendor Minimum Orders  4914  2 Started by  TBonney We're on Windows, Applications 9.0/MSP2, Environment and MSCM (upgraded to in test only). We used to only do par counting for inventory. However, we've recently begun also doing cycle counting for our central sterile and operating room inventories. My question is how have others handled the restriction of Minimum Orders placed by vendors, when your requisitions are getting generated 'automatically' through the cycle counting process Thank you.
2 4914
by  Healthcare_818Jump to last post
07/26/2017 5:31 PM
1 Replies and 2795 Views PO's need to be closed  2795  1 Started by  Bev Edwards These PO's are showing a status of Released and have 2016 dates.  PO190 has been run for month end close, however ME close has only been a regular process for less than a year.    Some of the release PO's were able to be cancelled or deleted. Others are not responding to those two options.    How can we get these POs closed    
1 2795
by  JonAJump to last post
07/17/2017 12:29 PM
3 Replies and 3087 Views Nonstock orders  3087  3 Started by  Sheri Has anyone devolped a good method to prevent duplicate nonstock orders   We are trying to determine a good way to keep items from being ordered if they are already on order. Two means of ordering are 1.  Pyxis stations, which will kick out another order if the item has not been filled in a certain amount of days. And 2. handheld orders, the handheld ordering of nonstock is tricky as it could take up to 2 weeks to receive product in, in the meantime the item gets ordered again by di...
3 3087
by  JonAJump to last post
07/14/2017 9:11 AM
2 Replies and 2854 Views Just in time  2854  2 Started by  M1024 Is any one currently running Lawson to create requisitions for a Just in time Hospital We are a 300 bed hospital converting to Lawson and I was just trying to get a handle on how the application handles requisitions for stock items (I) that need to be routed directly to the vendor. Is there a flag on the template to force an (I) item to an (N) item Thank you Confused in PA
2 2854
by  M1024Jump to last post
07/06/2017 7:21 AM
1 Replies and 2757 Views Using Lawson SCM with Food Services  2757  1 Started by  Sami Pinney Does anyone currently use Lawson RQC and Procurement with Food Services We are bringing on our Food Services department and our pricing fluctuates with our Food Services vendor. We are using EDI to transmit our orders. However the invoice pricing is different than the PO pricing and what is in PO25 because the price is constantly fluctuating. Any suggestions on automating the pricing updates Thanks for your help.
1 2757
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/05/2017 8:15 AM
16 Replies and 7394 Views Limiting Who Can Receive a PO  7394  16 Started by  Brett Townsend Hi i've read over the PO User Guide a few times, and currently in our lawson system anyone can receive a PO and I want to limit it so that if its not your PO then you cant receive it and release it. Does anyone know how to do this I thought it would be in the PO setup like po0.1.1 on the receiving tab there is a box that says Allow Receive All and its a yes or no box. I flipped in to N in our test environment and was still able to receive a Po that wasnt mine. Any ideas Thanks in Ad...
16 7394
by  thanefJump to last post
07/03/2017 3:28 PM
0 Replies and 375 Views Using Lawson SCM with Food Services  375  0 Started by  Sami Pinney Does anyone currently use Lawson RQC and Procurement with Food Services We are bringing on our Food Services department and our pricing fluctuates with our Food Services vendor. We are using EDI to transmit our orders. However the invoice pricing is different than the PO pricing and what is in PO25 because the price is constantly fluctuating. Any suggestions on automating the pricing updates Thanks for your help.
0 375
06/30/2017 2:37 PM
1 Replies and 2758 Views EDI Punchout - SupplierPartAuxillaryID  2758  1 Started by  RobJC Does anyone know where the SupplierPartAuxillaryID is configured or supplied  One of our vendors is indicated this value is not being populated inside of the EDI file they receive. 
1 2758
by  JimYJump to last post
06/28/2017 10:19 AM
1 Replies and 2790 Views WebChat Closed  2790  1 Started by  Kat V I am trying to upload to PO21.3 and could not remember how to find the hidden required keys. I opened a web chat and was told by Lawson that you can't upload to hidden keys - that procurement group isn't required to upload to PO20. I searched the knowledge base and found that it's ctrlalta (I was using shift not alt) - I sent the article, she said it was new information to her. I then figured out that it wanted the 14 character PO number and got the familiar 'Must inquire before using t...
1 2790
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
06/22/2017 4:47 PM
3 Replies and 2841 Views PO20 - Paper Issue Method  2841  3 Started by  Bev Edwards If P is selected as the Issue Method in the PO20 Header, how can you make it print automatically to an external network printer Where is that set up This printer is not in LID prtdef. My user is telling me that her PO's that she sets up with 'P' as the issue method are automatically printing and now she needs to change to a different printer.
3 2841
by  Kat VJump to last post
06/22/2017 8:19 AM
2 Replies and 2928 Views Item ordered via RQC showing delivery date far in the future  2928  2 Started by  Bev Edwards I have a user ordering an item in RQC. She is not choosing a requested delivery date, however after adding the item to the shopping cart, she checks the Lines tab to find the Requested Delivery Date is pre-populated with a date over 3 months in advance. IC12 shows a lead time of 110 days. Would the populated date in RQC be calculating the date from this field    
2 2928
by  Bev EdwardsJump to last post
06/13/2017 12:42 PM
0 Replies and 484 Views Add On Cost Methods (MA41.7, MA08)  484  0 Started by  JODAMORE Greetings, We were handling AOC additions using the AP20 series expense add functions. Inevitably, I steered us towards the MA41.7 (AOC Approval Entry), using MA08 Invoice AOC codes.  I figured it was a more fluid and natural logic for most Procure-to-Pay cycles.  There are a few kinks I haven't been able to work to our best interest.  It doesn't appear I can make an AOC utilizing Activity's.  Is there any way around this  Or am I stuck only utilizing AOC codes on ...
0 484
06/13/2017 12:26 PM
1 Replies and 3011 Views Serial Tracking  3011  1 Started by  Jeff N I would like to lot track 'N' type items on receipts only. There is a 'Serial Tracked' flag on IC11 but it seems to have no functionality. Is anyone doing this I do not get prompted on PO30 to add a serial number based on the IC11 setting regardless if the item is an 'N' or 'I' type. Thanks, Jeff
1 3011
by  Kat VJump to last post
06/09/2017 11:28 AM
2 Replies and 2896 Views UOM Multiplier PO25.6  2896  2 Started by  brupp Hello - I have an item where the UOM was changed in IC11 from EA=1, BX=20 to BX=1 a few months ago.  However, a Crystal Report shows POVAGRMTLN.UOM_MULT as 20.  How is this possible We are on v10.0.5 in case that makes a difference.   I feel like I'm missing something really simple...thanks!  
2 2896
by  bruppJump to last post
06/07/2017 11:17 AM
1 Replies and 2827 Views Single Document to a PO  2827  1 Started by  Jordan Just curious how everyone else handles the Single Document to a PO flags on the multiple screens.  We found that the PO10 flag doesn't appear to work when we have Single Document to a PO set to 1 and then Location Control set to N.  So, we started updating the RQ01 flags for locations that have vocalized an issue and then the reqs stopped combining.  The problem with this is that then those locations can never have their PO's combine for any vendor even if there are certain vendor...
1 2827
by  Kat VJump to last post
06/06/2017 9:56 AM
3 Replies and 2948 Views PO25 Item found but is inactive  2948  3 Started by  kcmiller We had a stock item and a non-stock (set up erroneously) for the same item.  The non-stock has been inactivated in IC11, IC12, and PO13.3; however, when the stock item is loaded on PO25 for the contract, an error message of Item (non-stock) is found but inactive.  You cannot move forward with the stock item number on the contract.  Suggestions greatly appreciated.
3 2948
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/31/2017 12:47 PM
1 Replies and 4961 Views Service POs  4961  1 Started by  rhorn01 We have been live in S3 for less than a year and are slowing starting to put service items to POs. What is the best way/(Infor report) to gain insight into what amounts on the PO have been invoiced/what is left to be invoiced Thanks in advance.
1 4961
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/31/2017 12:45 PM
3 Replies and 2963 Views Notification of Item Changes  2963  3 Started by  Brenda I am looking to find out how you notifiy your end users when an item changes from one item number to another for various reasons.  I thought in IC11 you could use the replacement item field, but that doesn't work in requisition center letting users know what the new item number is.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you 
3 2963
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/31/2017 12:43 PM
4 Replies and 3180 Views Discount Date - 810  3180  4 Started by  WadeYohanek We are getting an error from Stryker because they are sending a Discount Date on their invoices but there is no discount provided. Is anyone else familiar with this I have not been able to locate anything for ED40 that could ignore this date.   ITD^03^4^0^^0^20170615^30^^^^^Net 30 Days  
4 3180
by  WadeYohanekJump to last post
05/31/2017 8:37 AM
0 Replies and 446 Views Files skipped RQ500 for ParEx  446  0 Started by  Bev Edwards We have an RQ500 interface running files from Par Ex. The Lawson server went down and when it came up, it skipped over 5 of the files that were sent from ParEx to the HHT folder. Infor explains that there is a counter for these files, but could not elaborate how the counter works.   Can anyone explain how the counter works or why it would skip files
0 446
05/26/2017 7:53 AM
2 Replies and 3325 Views MA54 error date before control closing  3325  2 Started by  NatalieD Has anyone received an MA54 error that the 'date is before control closing date' We get several dozen error each month right after month end and the days after for Distrib_dates of the last few days of the previous month. It appears to be EDI related. Any suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated!
2 3325
by  JODAMOREJump to last post
05/25/2017 9:09 AM
0 Replies and 464 Views Differences between IC5** programs from 9.0.1 to 10.x (Landmark?)  464  0 Started by  Russell Spreeman Our org is on Applications and LSF 9.0.1 and has been acquired by a larger company using Lawson 10.x (and I think it's Landmark). I am trying to get IC525 and/or 527 to align with theirs but what they've been able to send me for a 'job log' or report doesn't look like anything in our 9.0.1. Is there something they could be sending me that would let me match up our job definition to theirs or are the versions so different that it wouldn't help
0 464
05/19/2017 9:39 AM
6 Replies and 3102 Views RQC Minimizing On Its Own  3102  6 Started by  brupp Hello - We will be going live with RQC on Monday & we are in the process of training our users.  During the trainings I've noticed several users experiencing RQC minimizing to the taskbar with no obvious action from the user driving it.  It may be the PC's in the classroom we are in as they are a bit temperamental, but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this behavior & determined root cause.  Thanks. 
6 3102
by  bruppJump to last post
05/17/2017 11:27 AM
1 Replies and 3097 Views Invoice Status  3097  1 Started by  Bev Edwards What Lawson table can I find invoice status
1 3097
by  JonAJump to last post
05/15/2017 2:03 PM
0 Replies and 493 Views PO Procedure Date as PO Issue Date  493  0 Started by  Kat V Anyone here using the Procedure information on RQC and PO20 We started a couple months ago and just found a weird bug.  Our users create a req in RQC and populate the procedure information.  PO100 creates the PO with the system date as the PO Date.  All is well. When you release and issue the PO, the display changes to Faxed/Emailed &91;Procedure Date&93; So we have a PO with PO Date 5/12/17 and an issue date of 4/26/17 and even one with an issue date of 5/28/17. After v...
0 493
05/12/2017 9:13 AM
1 Replies and 4361 Views S PO  4361  1 Started by  Rich Fitz 'S' PO is released and PO has several MULT lines. When A/P trys to match they get error message 'out of balance' we need to get the PO paid. ANy help would be great
1 4361
by  JonAJump to last post
05/11/2017 1:47 PM
1 Replies and 2906 Views v10 - Requisition Release Date  2906  1 Started by  RobJC Is there a table that tracks all of the requisition release dates When I view the REHEADER and REQLINE tables I only see the latest and greatest. We use custom workflows for our procurement, and there are times when requisitions are released and returned for edits. Then re-released for approvals. I think I may have found something in the PFIWORKUNIT table, but I wanted to get a different perspective on this issue. Thank you.
1 2906
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/09/2017 4:49 PM
1 Replies and 2540 Views Closing Old Received Not Matched PO's  2540  1 Started by  Brian Berenger Hello We have a bunch of PO's where payments were made on the PO but the lines were not matched. In other words there is no open amount on the PO and the lines are received. Many of these go back years and years and majority are non-stocks or specials (X,N type) Way back I recall someone telling me about having to create a dummy AP credit and match against that or something along those lines (I'm not an AP person, more a WH/PO/IC and technical person). Due to the huge volume that...
1 2540
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/09/2017 4:44 PM
2 Replies and 316 Views Service PO's  316  2 Started by  LaDora (I am a simple user......)   We are using PO20 for Service PO's.  There is no way to receive them. (They do not show up in PO30.)  This is aggravating my AP lady.  She doesn't have anything to 'match' it to.  We are both 'learning' as we go.  Are we missing something What are your processes for service po's  If it matters, we are a small facility.  There are 7.25 of us TOTAL in SCM. This includes buying, receiving, stocking, r...
2 316
by  LaDoraJump to last post
05/05/2017 1:03 PM
0 Replies and 453 Views Accounting Information for Inventory Items on PO Line  453  0 Started by  Jeremy I primarily deal with non-stock and specials/service type items, so I'm used to looking in the MMDIST table for my accounting information for a PO.  But, when a PO Line has an 'I' type or inventory item, where is the accounting string held   Thank you.
0 453
05/04/2017 8:50 PM
5 Replies and 2542 Views MA01 Summarize Distributions  2542  5 Started by  Katie Walsh Our MA01 Summarize Distributions flag (currently set to blank, which summarizes amounts) compromises our ability to perform granular, item-level analytics.  We have developed a SQL spend query starting in GLTRANS but without APDISTRIB detail information, we are finding it very difficult (maybe even impossible) to accurately join to POLINE. We are cautiously considering an MA01 configuration change and are interested in learning from any other organization that may have done this (...
5 2542
by  JeremyJump to last post
05/02/2017 10:30 AM
0 Replies and 330 Views Return Archived Special Item  330  0 Started by  Jeremy We have a credit memo for a PO Line that was received, invoiced, and paid.  It is a special type item.  We need to do a return and adjust the receipt so the activity on the PO Line gets the budget dollars back.   Is this possible  We can't do a PO33 because the receiver status is 'archived.'
0 330
05/02/2017 8:49 AM
2 Replies and 246 Views S PO  246  2 Started by  Rich Fitz 'S' PO is released and PO has several MULT lines. When A/P trys to match they get error message 'out of balance' we need to get the PO paid. ANy help would be great
2 246
by  Rich FitzJump to last post
05/01/2017 4:59 PM
6 Replies and 3432 Views V10 Database Diagram  3432  6 Started by  RobJC Does it exist Does anyone have it  Looking for information on how the PFI tables relate. lm_ipa.PfiWorkUnit lm_ipa.PfiWorkUnitVariable lm_ipa.PfiQueueTask lm_ipa.PfiUserCategory
6 3432
by  Jason BeardJump to last post
04/27/2017 12:59 PM
4 Replies and 2355 Views Cost Option in RQC  2355  4 Started by  brupp Hello - We will soon be going live with RQC & when ordering with a Lawson number, Cost Option is read only.  Sometimes this will need to be changed to No Charge.  Is there a Company setting I need to flip  Thanks.
4 2355
by  JonAJump to last post
04/18/2017 4:17 PM
1 Replies and 2538 Views Using IC13?  2538  1 Started by  Neil Allen I know subs have been talked about on this forum and others before.  My questions is how are others using IC13  I'm not seeing that it pushes over to RQC.  Are you creating a Crystal or SQL report for power users, buyers, etc. to reference    Another question would be how are you using the replacement field in IC11.1.  Do you use that for non-stock as well even though it doesn't push over to RQC or are you using a user field to document replacement items
1 2538
by  SCMaster-jk2Jump to last post
04/07/2017 11:14 AM
11 Replies and 3743 Views Procedure Info in PO20  3743  11 Started by  brupp Hello - We are currently testing RQC (not sure which version but we are about to install & v10 (currently but may also go to .6).  We entered some procedure info in RQC but I cannot see it in PO20.  Is there a company setting or something I need to flip first  Thanks.
11 3743
by  Kat VJump to last post
03/31/2017 3:20 PM
3 Replies and 2413 Views MA54 EDI Matching Errors  2413  3 Started by  Kat V Does anyone have documentation on the various errors and what you do to resolve them that you'd be willing to share  Who looks at/works these in your organization  AP/Supply Chain/IT/All of the above
3 2413
by  JonAJump to last post
03/24/2017 1:16 PM
2 Replies and 2140 Views RQC - Populated fields  2140  2 Started by  Bev Edwards How can fields, such as Req Location be set so that when a user clicks Shopping, this field and perhaps the accounting unit/sub account and account fields get auto populated
2 2140
by  Kat VJump to last post
03/13/2017 2:46 PM
2 Replies and 1753 Views MULTIPLE IDNS - structure question  1753  2 Started by  Michelle Wetzel We are looking at potentially merging/buying other organizations.  Right now we have one item master but could potentially have several. We use smart numbering to represent inventory, non inventory, etc but how the items are used may not be consistent across all locations. Trying to weigh the pros and cons of one item master versus an item master for each entity.  Your thoughts   Thanks!   Michelle  
2 1753
by  Rob ConradJump to last post
03/13/2017 1:44 PM
0 Replies and 407 Views PO30 receiving - barcodes?  407  0 Started by  Leslie We are trying to get away from labels in MSCM.  Does anyone know if PO30 can be set up to print a barcode for the PO directly on the PO30 receiving document  We are on Lawson 10.
0 407
03/08/2017 11:34 AM
8 Replies and 5287 Views Epic OpTime  5287  8 Started by  Jeff N I am looking for information on Epic OpTime and how it relates to Lawson. We are using the Cloverleaf clinical bridge to send product information to Epic Optime (IC524). The issue we are having is we are being told by the EPIC team that if we update a description or manufacture number on an item, when it comes accross the interface and updates the EPIC 'SUP' record it reopens all closed patient records that have that item and attempts to rebill. Is anyone else facing this issue Is the...
8 5287
by  JonAJump to last post
03/07/2017 1:17 PM
4 Replies and 2019 Views RQC 10.0.6  2019  4 Started by  Chesca Does anybody know if RQC relies on Flash A user cannot get the shopping screen loaded.
4 2019
by  Bob CanhamJump to last post
02/27/2017 4:09 PM
0 Replies and 399 Views Meaningful Use - Stage 3  399  0 Started by  Greg Moeller Starting to get questions on tracking UDI's and implants related to Meaningful Use - Stage 3. Any information is appreciated.
0 399
02/24/2017 11:03 AM
0 Replies and 752 Views Lead Time - Best Practice  752  0 Started by  Neil Allen Looking to see what is best practice for determining lead time for items on order.  We would like to develop a report that provides accurate lead times for our requestors.  I'm sure there are folks way ahead of us on this so wanted to see what you're doing and how you're doing it.  As always thanks in advance for your helpful responses!
0 752
02/22/2017 4:33 PM
12 Replies and 4623 Views email sweeper for POs  4623  12 Started by  Gary Padgett We want to send purchase orders by email for selected vendors.&160; I saw in documentation that if we specify the email issue option, files are placed in a folder where any email sweeper program can pick it up.&160; Are there 3rd-party email sweepers out there&160;&160;I am unfamiliar with them.
12 4623
by  Chris GawareckiJump to last post
02/22/2017 4:29 PM
1 Replies and 1310 Views Buyer Msg:Track credits without short pay  1310  1 Started by  NatalieD Hi All - We don't short pay any invoices and we're trying to find a way to track when credits need to be collected. Currently we process MA64 PO Cost messages as an 'adjust' regardless of if we're approving or changing the unit cost. Anyone know how we can track when we should be collecting a credit. What is your policy for processing buyers messages.
1 1310
by  Kat VJump to last post
02/14/2017 3:32 PM
2 Replies and 1473 Views Modifying Version 10 Inbasket  1473  2 Started by  JonA We just upgraded to V10 over the weekend.  Senior management wants to be able to see the approval history for a req.  The history tab looks like this and you have to click on each row to see who approved. Can this view be modified to include the approver's name    
2 1473
by  JimYJump to last post
02/09/2017 12:17 PM
1 Replies and 1343 Views Month End Reporting  1343  1 Started by  Kat V I'm looking for an informal poll on Month End budget reporting:  What is everyone using  We've been using a custom Cobol program that went through a conversion to v10 and are now looking to possibly replace/refine.   The reporting in Lawson seems to be by module.  I don't know of anything that puts it all in one report other than MM280 which is confusing to read.  How do y'all report what you've spent each month
1 1343
by  JonAJump to last post
02/08/2017 2:15 PM
0 Replies and 417 Views PO31 vendor return audit  417  0 Started by  NatalieD Does any one know of a way to see how a return was modified and who modified it We have some audit capabilities but it doesn't appear to cover returns. We have a return that was closed and am trying to find out how it closed.
0 417
02/08/2017 10:05 AM
3 Replies and 1481 Views Purchase Order Header Close flag And Close Date  1481  3 Started by  JimY In preparation for running PO300 to archive Purchase Orders I ran a query for a particular year that shows the value of the close flag and close date.  I noticed that in several of the records the Header Close flag is set to 'N' , and the close date field has an actual close date.  Also, there are lines for the PO that are still opened.  I would have thought that there would not be a close date if the close flag is N.  Any thoughts   Thank you.
3 1481
by  JimYJump to last post
02/07/2017 6:49 AM
0 Replies and 350 Views Security and Department  350  0 Started by  PSH Would any of you be willing to share some general guidelines on the security setup of the Supply Chain Analyst team in Lawson, especially for Healthcare organizations  Does that group have full access to PO IC & WH, or is that add/change/delete limited to just the owners of those areas Also, is your Supply Chain Analyst team its own team, or are they considered part of Purchasing/Inventory/Receiving
0 350
01/26/2017 7:54 PM
9 Replies and 2058 Views Discount on top of contract pricing  2058  9 Started by  pglibra Hello all, We currently purchase some items from GPO contracts and have them loaded as such. However, if we purchase from a certain vendor, we get an additional discount...4.6 cost minus. How can Lawson handle the additional discount automatically Thank you pglibra  
9 2058
by  h0llywoodJump to last post
01/17/2017 7:25 AM
3 Replies and 1736 Views Changing Serial Tracked Setting  1736  3 Started by  Neil Allen We have a few items that we're currently tracking serials numbers for.  What would be the steps to change so that those items are no longer tracked.  They have PO history and transactions.  Would the best way be to inactivate that Lawson number and start fresh
3 1736
by  Kat VJump to last post
01/09/2017 5:31 PM
9 Replies and 3307 Views RNI Cleanup - PO33 Upload?  3307  9 Started by  rcates Hi,   I'm trying to clean up RNI and back out receiving--anyone have an upload for PO33 they wouldn't mind sharing   Thanks!
9 3307
by  Kat VJump to last post
01/09/2017 5:26 PM
0 Replies and 570 Views ER 13251 voting now! Asking for your support!  570  0 Started by  NatalieD Asking for support of ER 13251 with your vote!   Description: Looking for a report that could provide the vendor contract and unit cost of an item using the logic in the PO process - which factors in vendor agreement participant and vendor agreement priority. This information is needed to help determine pricing for a particular location on a large scale for reporting and helps to evaluate our pricing index.   Work Around: Currently, we pull a full item/contract listing and t...
0 570
12/21/2016 12:13 PM
9 Replies and 8959 Views MSCM Table structure  8959  9 Started by  Andy We want to use Crystal reporting with MSCM outside of the canned reports. Does anybody out there have a listing of the table structure for MSCM or instruct me on how to obtain them Thanks
9 8959
by  MarisolJump to last post
12/20/2016 10:06 AM
2 Replies and 1770 Views RQ04.1 (REQUESTER) Add-Ins for Accounting Unit  1770  2 Started by  JODAMORE Greetings, Has anyone leveraged the Excel Add-Ins tool to Delete/Add AU's within the RQ04 table  I was hoping it would be an easy mapping, but it appears not.  I tried utilizing a PT-Accounting Unit field logic like other problematic Position-To tables such as REQ LOC, but it still does not work.  Quick rundown as follows: Have several hundred old REQUESTERS with REQ LOCS and AU's populated that are inactive and were never used.  I want to cleanse the system of these junk ...
2 1770
by  Kat VJump to last post
12/19/2016 8:05 AM
2 Replies and 2131 Views Purge/Archive Advice  2131  2 Started by  brupp Hello - We are long overdue for a purge/archive of Lawson data.  We have open PO lines from years ago that lack for a better way to put it, we just want to go away.  No resources available for research/paint screens.  Does anyone have a retention policy in place - similar to what we all have for paper records  Are there 3rd party solutions available (at a cost of course) for assistance & maintenance  Is anyone using PO300 routinely for purging  We only use PO...
2 2131
by  Jason BeardJump to last post
12/01/2016 6:47 AM
8 Replies and 2081 Views MA00 Match settings  2081  8 Started by  NatalieD Is anyone willing to share their MA00 Match settings and the theory/policy behind them
8 2081
by  JonAJump to last post
11/30/2016 5:30 AM
3 Replies and 4524 Views Buyer messaging  4524  3 Started by  bnelson I need some help in more clearly understanding the order and sequecning of Buyer messaging in lawson. can someone direct me to a resource that will provide the messaging sequence and order that happens in lawson when a PO and invoice do not agree from a pricing perspective.
3 4524
by  Kat VJump to last post
11/28/2016 10:24 AM
1 Replies and 3827 Views Unmatched Invoices  3827  1 Started by  Keogh We are seeing an increasing number of invoices in the Reconciliation Queue showing: All Rule Group Levels Match unsuccessful. Is anyone else experiencing this issue thanks, Diane
1 3827
by  NatalieDJump to last post
11/28/2016 8:52 AM
5 Replies and 2021 Views Fax Integrator 10.0.2  2021  5 Started by  Chesca We upgraded EDI and the very next minute, Fax integrator stop sending email notifications to the buyers. I honestly don't see how these 2 products could be related but then again with Lawson, you never know. I looked in the ios.log and also fax integrator log and saw nothing or no errors. 6/24/2016 11:53:09 AM : l_TRACE : FaxStatus.normalizeStatus 6/24/2016 11:53:09 AM : l_TRACE : Fax Status for 1510907-0000--000 : COMPLETED NONE 6/24/2016 11:53:09 AM : l_TRACE : Retries: 0 Fax...
5 2021
by  ChescaJump to last post
11/16/2016 10:05 AM
2 Replies and 1401 Views SOH IC12 vs SOHDETAIL SOH  1401  2 Started by  Bev Edwards Why would the value for SOH in the ITEMLOC table differ from the SOHDETAIL SOH value
2 1401
by  JimYJump to last post
11/07/2016 4:59 AM
1 Replies and 1186 Views Reporting - Purchase Order (PO) Past Due  1186  1 Started by  Johnmac Hello, Lawson Version 10.0.5 Does Lawson offer the functionality to generate a PO past due report Is this something that can be queried using Excel Add-Ins Thank you, John
1 1186
by  JonAJump to last post
11/03/2016 8:27 AM
6 Replies and 1744 Views OR and MSCM  1744  6 Started by  Neil Allen Looking to see what others are doing with their OR and MSCM.  They're currently not perpetual and we use Epic.  We have plans to use the interface to decrement quantities and make them perpetual but we're not there yet.  We'd like to get to them to utilize the handhelds in some way.  What are others doing with MSCM and their OR to help with their workflow  Is POU an option 
6 1744
by  Neil AllenJump to last post
11/02/2016 2:53 PM
1 Replies and 1025 Views Hide Item in RQC  1025  1 Started by  Neil Allen Is there a way to allow a stock item to be ordered, received, but not show up in RQC  We have an extended backorder on an item and want the stock to accumulate until we have enough to distribute consistently but don't want requestors to be allowed to order.  Has anyone ever done that before
1 1025
by  JonAJump to last post
10/21/2016 12:47 PM
4 Replies and 1278 Views Special Item Validation  1278  4 Started by  Neil Allen When Special Item Validation is set to Warn or Deny can the message users see when they try to order an item that's already in the IM be edited or changed  Below are the standard messages.  We'd like to change the word Deny to Notice but not sure if that's possible.   Warn - Users are warned that the special item already exists in the item catalog, but you have the option to add the item from the catalog instead.   Deny - Users cannot add a special item because it al...
4 1278
by  Neil AllenJump to last post
10/20/2016 3:22 PM
2 Replies and 1222 Views Inventory Location and RQC  1222  2 Started by  Neil Allen We've recently set up a new inventory location and loaded some items to that location only.  We only have one company and one item group.  Our original thinking was that when in RQC the requestor would need to change the From location in order to request these items.  We're finding that they can order them from any of our inventory locations.  We would like to set it to where the location has to be changed in order for the requestor to see these items.  Is that possible
2 1222
by  Neil AllenJump to last post
10/14/2016 7:34 AM
4 Replies and 915 Views RQ to Gatekeeper 250  915  4 Started by  Batvan Hello    An RQ is showing as unreleased status and won't appear in Gatekeeper 250 for PO conversion,    Is there a way to manually push it through
4 915
by  JonAJump to last post
10/07/2016 8:22 AM
1 Replies and 768 Views PO25 Duplicates  768  1 Started by  JODAMORE Greetings, I have a scenario where two of the same item exists within a PO25 contract.  I cant speak to how it occurred, however it seems to have persisted within the system for several years.  My guess is someone added a new PO13 record on the item w/ a different Vendor pn.  Then added that variant on PO25. Eventually a PO13 'Replace and Inactivate' was done which made both records duplicated.  Someone then removed the hold (before or after the R&I, cant be sure which...
1 768
by  Kat VJump to last post
09/26/2016 1:26 PM
1 Replies and 935 Views 10X Conversion  935  1 Started by  Michelle Wetzel We now join the ranks of those who have made the jump to 10.  Day 2....its been a rough cutover.    Had a couple of questions that I hope those who have gone before us can answer. 1. We have the buyers setup on PO04 to not be able to change the PO price. Instead they are to change the agreement price and then clear out the price on PO20 and it will feed in from the agreement on a Change. As of go live, the system is allowing them to change the price manually.  Happen to ...
1 935
by  Kat VJump to last post
09/08/2016 12:28 PM
8 Replies and 1348 Views Receipt Process for Pharmacy  1348  8 Started by  brupp Hello - When items earmarked for Pharmacy hit our docks, our receiving clerks cannot open the boxes, so they deliver the boxes as is to Pharmacy.  Currently, Pharmacy opens the boxes, confirms items against the packing slips, takes the slips down to the dock to have them scanned in to ImageNow & request Lawson receipt from the clerks.   It's a broken process for multiple reasons.  1st fix is to give Pharmacy their own scanners for their packing slips.  2nd fix is to find...
8 1348
by  Kat VJump to last post
09/08/2016 11:54 AM
0 Replies and 545 Views Sorting Order in PPS200  545  0 Started by  Roland Lee Hi Gurus, I realized that the standard sorting order content in PPS200 is not editable. Anyways that I can edit it perhaps adding a few more columns Appreciate the advise with thanks.
0 545
09/07/2016 10:31 PM
11 Replies and 1901 Views Inbasket in v10  1901  11 Started by  JonA How do your req approvers access the Inbasket in v10  Do they have to go through LTM to access the workunits
11 1901
by  JimYJump to last post
08/31/2016 6:04 AM
3 Replies and 2102 Views EDI receiving process  2102  3 Started by  Chesca I hope someone can help me understand this process as I am new to EDI. I got a call from the receiving/shipping manager about POs not received in the system since 12/2. I contacted the supplier/vendor and GHX. We were told that POs are not posting/received and they will investigate and let us know. I don't know EDI so I have no idea what they are referring to. Is there a Lawson/EDI job that can identify this issue I am assuming we did not get an acknowledge because the user...
3 2102
by  ChescaJump to last post
08/30/2016 2:59 PM
2 Replies and 756 Views RQC shopping page  756  2 Started by  Chesca I have a user that all of the sudden is having issues with RQC, she cannot load the RQC shopping page. She tried successfully from another user's PC and I tried login from her PC and I couldn't even click on RQC. We are on IE11 and Lawson portal 9.0.
2 756
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
08/24/2016 10:11 AM
0 Replies and 624 Views Approving an NR message in MA64  624  0 Started by  Donna Simkovic Our AP department matches using Smart Recon.  We (supply chain) receive NR messages in our MA64 screen now.  I'm curious about the timing of approving those messages.  1.  If I'm going to approve the payment of the invoice (PIQ) do I need to request the receipt  What are the repercussions of doing it this way 2. If I DO request the receipt and want to clear the NR message, should I wait until the receipt has been entered  What will happen if I approve the NR m...
0 624
08/23/2016 8:58 AM
2 Replies and 756 Views Fax Integrator - FTP now in binary instead of Ascii  756  2 Started by  Bev Edwards I downloaded an exe file to correct a bug in the version of Fax Integrator we were running. After doing so, Fax Integrator stopped working. After reviewing the log, we see that fax files are attempting to ftp in binary format instead of ASCII.  Infor says that the FTP configuration is not part of the Fax Integrator setup, but might be on the webserver side. I don't fully understand how the Fax Integrator works. As far as I know, the user creates a PO in Lawson that has an iss...
2 756
by  Bev EdwardsJump to last post
08/22/2016 11:54 AM
1 Replies and 777 Views ERr Message Cannot Change Service Line Less than Matched Amount  777  1 Started by  Batvan   trying to reduce a PO but receiving this err message . Can someone shed some light
1 777
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/05/2016 11:03 AM
0 Replies and 541 Views RQC - Ordering from one user id for multiple companies.  541  0 Started by  Bev Edwards How can you set up RQC so that when a user logs in, they are able to choose a company from a drop down list The way it is now, there are individual user id's for each company that needs to be purchased for. Not talking about locations, but the company.
0 541
08/04/2016 1:44 PM
2 Replies and 845 Views Crystal Reports - Buyers Message  845  2 Started by  JoseLuis The report worked fine before I added the base cost field (added POVAGRMTHD and POVAGRMTLN tables). I believe it has something to do with the linking. I've tried different types of joins to no avail. Any ideas on what may be linked incorrectly This Crystal report queries the following tables: BUYER, ICMANFCODE, L_HMAG, MAINVDTL, MAINVMSG, POLINE, POPCRUF, POPIVUF, POVAGRMTHD, POVAGRMTLN, PURCHORDER   Here is the SQL from the original report that works fine:    SELECT D...
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08/03/2016 5:35 PM
6 Replies and 765 Views Req Center User Setup  765  6 Started by  Jordan Since we went live with Lawson in 2012, we have had to have the end user complete their Req Center Setup by going to the Manage Subscriptions piece, and add Requisition Center to their 'Navigation'.  This has caused a disconnect in the setup process and even with instructions, the end users aren't always able to do this correctly. I have to believe that others are doing this as part of the Security/RQ04 setup.  Does anyone have any input/instructions on how to do this  I'm sure ...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
08/03/2016 1:59 PM
0 Replies and 578 Views Change PO Date on a PO  578  0 Started by  Batvan Is there a way to change the date on a PO   Requisitioner receiving error message ;    Received data is invalid because it is earlier than PO date . 
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08/02/2016 2:42 PM
4 Replies and 2310 Views Find associated RQ with PO  2310  4 Started by  Batvan Is this possible I've been digging through the website and couldn't find a way .
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by  BatvanJump to last post
07/27/2016 1:50 PM
0 Replies and 508 Views AOC Error Message AP20.2  508  0 Started by  Batvan AOC Error Message AP20.2   When we are entering a taxable invoice we are receiving this error message. It is due to a discrepancy for Taxes . The tax on the  invoice is 1 cent less than the tax from the PO . Is there any way around instead instead of adding a new line for the difference    
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07/27/2016 7:48 AM
7 Replies and 934 Views Err Message PO Release  934  7 Started by  Batvan Here is the err message l   Distribs by amts on line 000001;Must use base currency vendor 
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07/26/2016 6:21 PM
2 Replies and 847 Views IC11 - Major & Minor classes  847  2 Started by  Bev Edwards What Lawson forms are used to create major and Minor classes for the IC11   Also, is there a way to find forms associated with fields
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by  JonAJump to last post
07/21/2016 9:59 AM
2 Replies and 764 Views UFP-PCR-USR-FLD-1 (ID=_f109)  764  2 Started by  Chesca Does anybody know what file stores this data/field My user is using this field to track some purchases and I am trying to create a crystal report.
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07/18/2016 11:56 AM
1 Replies and 669 Views RQC V10 Home Page  669  1 Started by  Jordan Hi - we are currently testing the latest version of Requisition Center.  The Home page is a new feature, which will be nice for the requesters, but I'm curious if anyone has been able to configure it so it looks better.  Everything is crammed together and the Requisition Lines takes up too much space.  I tried to see if there was an invisible line to adjust the size of each piece, but haven't had any luck.  Thanks!
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by  Kat VJump to last post
07/18/2016 9:28 AM
4 Replies and 1915 Views ED502 Trading Partner ID  1915  4 Started by  Chesca ED502 completed with errros. So we need to add GHXAB to the substitution table. How do I find out the TPID/company We upgraded EDI to version and started having issues with the 855 EDI messages. Did the TPID changed from GHXAD to GHXAB with the upgraded version 20160629223646,589, WARNING: SUBSTITUTION TABLE ENTRY NOT FOUND 20160629223646,590, Looking for List Name: GHXAB_I_COMPANY 20160629223646,5...
4 1915
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07/01/2016 8:42 AM
2 Replies and 945 Views edi upgrade  945  2 Started by  Chesca Has anybody have encountered the following error messages: Outbound Interchange Control Number: 18994 20160620123003,17, Translating using &91;/prod/law/prod9/edi/bin/laws_out_91_ghx&93; 20160620123003,18, ERRORS Encountered During Translation 20160620123003,19, ************************************************ 20160620123003,20, **** BEGIN TRANSLATION LOG **** ...
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06/28/2016 10:36 AM
6 Replies and 1611 Views Enabling 810's  1611  6 Started by  Neil Allen We are beginning to look into accepting 810's.  We are a partner with GHX and are using V10.  Does anyone have any documentation on the set up for this  I currently don't have access to this but is the MA540 required  Any advice or help you could provide would be appreciated.
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by  Neil AllenJump to last post
06/27/2016 11:16 AM
4 Replies and 1018 Views PO31 Stock Return  1018  4 Started by  brupp Hello - I have a stock return in PO31 where unfortunately some time has elapsed between the PO31 entry & the close out, & now there are items where the return quantity is > on hand quantity.  How do I resolve this discrepancy in PO32.2  Thanks.
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by  JonAJump to last post
06/27/2016 8:20 AM
0 Replies and 784 Views Cerner & Lawson interface  784  0 Started by  Sheri We upload new / changed item data from Lawson into Cerner but have no field for item cost. We do not use the the DB maintenance - cost & price matrix tool. There should still be a way for us to put item pricing in and then use that item cost in Cerner for reporting.   Is anyone entering item pricing in Cerner (without the cost & matrix tool)
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06/23/2016 11:15 AM
8 Replies and 1631 Views IC81.1 Position To  1631  8 Started by  JMAD2016 Greetings,  Lawson 9.  IC81.1 Position To Inquiry. Understanding the Position To field in IC81.1 is solely set up for Bin Sequence (and assuming it can not be changed in any capacity via customization), I'm wondering if there is a trick navigation method, or a simple one I have overlooked, that can at least take you to the 'Last Record'.  Playing guessing games with 60K worth of positions tires me tremendously.  Nor do I want to have to dump the table each morning.  An...
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by  JonAJump to last post
06/10/2016 1:27 PM
4 Replies and 1416 Views Invoice matched to what receiver?  1416  4 Started by  lars I have a PO20, with three   lines. PO line 3  'x' for a qty of 3. Two invoices were received for line 3. The quantity on each invoice was for a qty of 1. We now want to reduce the qty on line 3  from a qty of 3 to a qty of 2 allowing the PO falls off the PO135 report. How can I determine which receiver to select for a receiving adjustment There must be a way to determine which rec number can be adjusted. Thank you.       .  
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06/02/2016 3:45 PM
1 Replies and 1020 Views How do you handle Short-Shipments?  1020  1 Started by  Bob Canham We recently started an electronic invoicing process which is shining light on some difficult manual processes we had.  One of the ones that we're trying to figure out how best to handle is when a vendor sends us less product than is on their packing slip and invoice. In the manual (paper) world, when the invoice came in, it would sit on an AP staff member's desk until the credit and rebill came in.  At that point, they would enter just the original invoice and match it to the purchase...
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06/02/2016 3:30 PM
0 Replies and 958 Views Experiences with Chargebacks?  958  0 Started by  Bob Canham We are looking at our processes surrounding matching discrepancies with our vendor purchases.  What we are wondering is if others are using Lawson's chargeback functionality and what your experiences were (good or bad).   Thanks in advance.
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06/02/2016 2:46 PM
4 Replies and 993 Views RQ500 error report-account unit  993  4 Started by  Chesca We created a new pyxis location and the REQ/orders are being rejected due to Account unit must match one specified for requester. Carefusion thinks is might be a setup issue in Lawson, any suggestions where to look
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06/01/2016 11:13 AM
5 Replies and 1739 Views IC81.1 Upload Par Level Update  1739  5 Started by  Neil Allen Could someone educate me on how to get around this error  We have items already loaded to IC81.1 but when I attempt to upload the update it gives me 'bin sequence already exists'.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
5 1739
by  Kat VJump to last post
05/27/2016 12:30 PM
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