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Last Post 03/12/2019 2:26 PM by  Kat V
PO Line Sort Order with PO23
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R Phillips
Director, Supply Chain Informatics
UAB Hospital
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03/11/2019 2:15 PM
    Found an earlier entry that allowed us to change the sort order from I (Item) to V (Vendor) in order to keep the Requisition line order in the same order when it went to PO. We are looking for a way to default this, so we do not have to manually change this on each order.

    So the scenario is this, when we are working bill only purchase orders, the requisitioner fills out the requisition in the same order as the sales sheet provided by the vendor rep. They leave the requisition in an unreleased status and send the req information to our buyer. The buyer pulls it up in PO23, changes the issue method to keep it from delivering to the vendor (so we do not have an order filled) and now changes the sort order to V to keep the lines exactly the same. When the vendor invoices, the invoice is in the exact order that was on the sales sheet used to complete the req. If the sort order is kept the same then the invoice matches and pays. If the sort order changes then our AP has to delete the invoice, rekey the invoice and manually match lines, then the invoice will match and pay.


    Any idea how to default the sort order?





    Kat V
    Sr Supply Chain System Analyst
    South Broward Hospital District
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    03/12/2019 2:26 PM
    Use Design Studio to create a view where that is set to V. Publish it as the default view for all PO23s.
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