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Last Post 10/25/2020 6:00 PM by  Ragu Raghavan
RQ512 Importing Requisitions
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Dave Mc
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10/22/2020 2:21 PM

    The number is in the HL7 file but does not populate in Lawson so when I run the RQ500 to create a requisition the input requistion number remains zeroes.  What do you do to get this information into Infor (Lawson)?  It is a pain not to have it there when you want to drill down or do some reporting to match up the two systems.  It has a field to receive this number but when I search the output of RQ512 the data is just not there.  Help!

    Ragu Raghavan
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    10/25/2020 6:00 PM
    I have not used RQ512, but use RQ500 all the time. I believe the Requisition# is auto assigned by Lawson. So even if you were to populate the Input Requisition#, it will get replaced.
    What I usually do is capture the input Req# and save it as a comment. The RQ500 file layout has this option

    001870 03 FCM-RECORD-TYPE PIC X(01).
    001880 03 FCM-COMPANY-A.
    001890 04 FCM-COMPANY PIC 9(04).
    001900 03 FCM-REQ-NUMBER-A.
    001910 04 FCM-REQ-NUMBER PIC 9(07).
    001920 03 FCM-LINE-NBR-A.
    001930 04 FCM-LINE-NBR PIC 9(06).
    03 FCM-NAME PIC X(50).
    03 FCM-COMMENT PIC X(64).

    You can customize RQ512 to populate this. Or introduce some kind of middleware between RQ512 and RQ500 to do this. Maybe a 4 step IPA flow-
    1. Scan the Incoming file and build an array of Incoming Req#
    2. Run RQ512
    3. Scan the file created by RQ512. After each Header record, populate and add the FCM record
    4. Run RQ500 that will now process the file created in step 3 and add a Req header comment, that can be viewed in amy screen/drill-around that references the Requsition.
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