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Last Post 03/20/2012 12:35 PM by  John Henley
auto posting
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03/20/2012 12:09 PM
    We currently have a main company (*blank) and under Blank we have several divisions(companies).

    We have inter-company transactions that we want to stream line by doing an auto-posting of the AP side.

    Currently i use ars120 to generate the AR side, this creates an invoice, the AR entry/voucher, and the AP entry/voucher.

    The AR is working fully; however, the AP voucher is getting stuck in gls047. I have to go there and push the job. The job does not have any error.

    My user name is a super user in Finance, i have permission to access ARS100, APS100 and all divisions.

    Any advice on what i am missing so the voucher does not get stuck, Is it a permission to a program?


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    03/20/2012 12:35 PM
    Moved to M3 financials forum.
    Thanks for using the forums!
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