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Staffing Firms    

Started by  L Neu
Hi All, Wondering if organizations routinely use staffing firms to find short term resources to help augment staff in the Supply Chain arena. If so can you recommend certain firms Any feedback on new paradigm staffing as we get emails from them often. Thanks for your help in advance. Lori Neu Connecticut Children's Medical Center
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by  SWilkinsJump to last post
5/15/2018 9:42 PM

How do you staff for Lawson support?    

Started by  Brian Allen
We are reviewing our Lawson IT staffing model now that we have an open position and would like to ask other orgnizations how they staff to manage Lawson. I will need to justify filling this open position and having other organizations to benchmark against would be very helpful. We are a healthcare organization with 560 inpatient beds and 4,600 employees. We utilize all suites (HR, Procurement, Finance) and customize a moderate amount using Design Studio and also for interfaces. We have...
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by  builditJump to last post
10/21/2016 1:05 PM

Lawson-Certified Staff and Lawson Upgrades    

Started by  bman
Do any healthcare organizations employ (technical) Lawson-certified individuals. Also, do you handle upgrades such as 9.0.1 on your own or do you hire a Lawson-certified individual. Thanks for your feedback.
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by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
2/16/2012 7:45 PM

Dedicated Resources After Go-Live    

Started by  Craig Derksen
My organization is currently in the implementation stage of 9.0.1 Technology/Applications, as well as LBI and ESS/MSS for Human Capital Management. We have approximately 250 Technology users and 8,000 ESS users. It certainly is a handful managing the day to day needs of our functional and business units during this stressful time. The question that keeps coming up is how many staffing resources should be dedicated on a go-forward basis to the upkeep of the system. According to our Statement ...
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by  Julie A EbyJump to last post
10/4/2010 8:11 PM
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