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PA52/PA54 Error Message: Work Count on history but not on action    

Started by  dmarone
Hi All. I'm a novice user of Lawson. I am working on reversing a JOB_CHANGE action via PA52.1, however when I try and process I get the error 'Work County on history but not on action'. On the PA52 this field is not listed under any of the Selected Items tabs. On the HR54.1, when I view data item 769 (work county) there is a blank history line that says it was changed by a personnel action with the same effective date of the action I am trying to reverse, so I am not able to add/or change ...
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2/20/2020 5:09 PM

Prior year refund of Pretax Deducts    

Started by  Margie Gyurisin
We need to refund a pretax deduction for a prior year and then have the system create a corrected W-2.   Does anyone have a procedure you can share with me   I would appreciate it.   Thanks.
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by  SHAWNPJump to last post
2/19/2020 8:46 PM

Direct Deposit    

Started by  Deleted User
Within ESS direct deposit - has anyone 'removed' or disabled the function of 'close account' button. We would like to disable the ability of a user to delete their bank account information.&160;
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by  DenitaJump to last post
2/10/2020 10:49 PM

Outsourcing Benefits    

Started by  Steve Schmidlin
HI, Has anyone Outsourced the full benefits administration and benefits enrollment to a third party   If so, what were the reasons for doing so  Has anyone used Business Solver for this  Does anyone want to share any feedback for having a third party administer your benefits  We will still use the Payroll module within S3.   
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by  SRHarrisJump to last post
2/6/2020 4:24 PM

Do you have a Use it or Loose it on Jan 1st plan?    

Started by  AndrewHCM
I am have trouble with a basic Jan 1 reset the balace to zero set up.   Can someone tell me if I fill in Jan 1st at the reset point, what&39;s next to zero the plan  I am attaching a carry over limit rule and the require cycle frequency is what it is following instead of Jan 1.   Please help.   Thanks in advance.  Andy
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2/5/2020 3:02 AM

Absence Management Jan 1 Reset    

Started by  AndrewHCM
Can someone kindly remind me of the setiup to get a Jan 1 Reset to Zero   I know the calcuiation needs to always return a zero.  What do you choose for Cycle Frequency so it basically ignores whatever your choice is and just does the calc to zero every January 1   On LP03.4 I have already set up Jan 1 as the reset point.   Thanks in advance! Andy
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2/4/2020 12:50 PM

Multiple DC Plans    

Started by  Danny
Good morning, We have some very old DC plans that are active and have been in place since like 2007.  Specifically a DC6 and DC10.  We have employees enrolled in both, but as I ran the BN105 to update them with a new 1/1/2020 date, it failed saying employees can not belong to both plans.  They currently are, but I am guessing some type of 'update' make this a new rule  Does anyone know where this configuration is so I can allow enrollment into both plans. I get the same er...
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by  Alex WankijcharoenJump to last post
1/31/2020 7:56 PM

QUEUEDJOB Status    

Started by  Tre
In the QUEUEDJOB table (LSGEN) there is a column called status. The statuses in this column are stored as numbers, not the actual status that is seen in the GUI. Is there somewhere I can go to see what each status number means For example- 34 = "Needs Recovery", etc Specifically status 35
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by  TreJump to last post
1/16/2020 4:13 PM

Varying Amount Semi-Annual - Holiday    

Started by  giesewendy
Has anybody configured using the Date Formula or another method to give a different Holiday amount by a period - like 2x a year, or the month of hire and the next semi-year For existing employees, our plan gives 48 hours on 1/1 and 40 hours on 7/1.  Suggestios on this setup Also, in the first year, the amount is based on month, for example January employees get the whole year, but February gives 40 and then on 7/1 they get;s a very different first year ac...
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1/9/2020 9:13 PM

Moving Lawson from V5R4 Box to V7R2 Box    

Started by  Mark
I have Lawson version that is running on an old iSeries model 9460-520 running V5R4.  I am trying to retire that machine.  We are using the Lawson software for strictly historical purposes at this pont.  I want to move all of the objects from my current box to a newer 9009-42A running V7R2.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this
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by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
1/8/2020 6:54 PM

Payroll Check without BSI    

Started by  Katman
We have transitioned to another payroll system outside of Lawson.  Our BSI contract is about to expire.  Is it possible to issue a payroll check without using BSI to calculate taxes  This is in case we have an adjustment that is found during the W2 review process.  We would be responsible for calculating payroll taxes. I do not want to renew BSI contract for a full year if we only need it sparingly (or not at all).
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by  Karen PloofJump to last post
1/6/2020 7:48 PM

PR Report for 940 Detail    

Started by  CJDickey
What report are you running to get PR940 detail PR287, PR294 and PR290 do not give the detail I need. 
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by  mogleJump to last post
12/5/2019 6:43 PM


Started by  Danny
I am trying to run the HR513 and load my dependents from Annual Enrollment.  The file can't be found.  Any idea how I can found out where this program is looking for the file  Thanks in advance.
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by  DannyJump to last post
11/27/2019 5:53 PM

PR05.1 addins upload template?    

Started by  CindyW
It's beyond me why this was rolled into my corner , but it did.  I am trying to determine what columns I need to populate in order to do an upload for PR05.1.  We are moving to a new account structure and the users will need to identify the new codes that will be used, and they will use this to get the new records in.   I am using the query below to select the data and populate my spreadsheet, but apparently I have to figure out what the other required fields are - and I don't ...
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by  CindyWJump to last post
11/25/2019 3:50 PM

Retro Benefit Deductions and Refunds    

Started by  Terry Wilson
I am curious how others are processing retro benefit deductions and refunds.  When we were previously on PeopleSoft there was delivered functionality to calculate any retro benefit deductions or refunds to employees.  In Lawson the Benefits Department is spending a full day manually calculating deductions and refunds to submit to Payroll for processing.  Curious how other Lawson customers are processing these.
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by  DonnaJump to last post
11/18/2019 6:04 PM

Needing to open mutiple accounts in GL20.2    

Started by  Ronnie
We have over 500 accounting units that we need to open a certain account for on GL20.2 Is there an easier way than going to each on GL20.1 and the accounts button and then opening the accounts from there one by one Is there a way to mass open an account for ALL of our accounting units I asked lawson support, but they only pointed me to GL222 which is just a report of which ones already have it open, but completely avoided my question of a way to mass open for all.
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by  Orlando GrayJump to last post
11/15/2019 2:37 PM

BN531 Cannot change with Stop function code    

Started by  FireGeek21
Trying to use BN531 to stop a Defined Contribution benefit but I am getting 'Cannot change with Stop function code.'  Can someone help me with what the bnbatch should look like   Fc,Company,Employee,PlanType,PlanCode,PayRate,PctAmtFlag,StartDate,PreAftFlag,EmpPreCont,StopDate S,1,100101,DC,4032,0,P,01012019,P,0,10122019   01012019 is the start date on the existing record and 10122019 is the stop date I want to use.   The following record works to change data: Fc,Co...
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by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
10/26/2019 8:18 PM

PR05 - 1199 SEIU Union Dues Calculation    

Started by  tommyg-006
Good Afternoon All,   Our employees recently voted in 1199 SEIU.  As per 1199 the Union Dues are calculated based on percentage of gross wages.  The calculation goes as follows:   2 of gross wages Minimum of $20.00 I have looked through the delivered Lawson calculations and none seem to fit the bill.  Has anybody else come across this issue in the past  Please advise.  Thank you!
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by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
10/24/2019 3:55 PM

PR05 Screens    

Started by  Andrew C
We setup the PR05 screens about 10 months ago at Go-Live. I'm starting to go back through them because I don't feel right about all the blank fields on the tabs. Is there a User that is willing to helpme understand what all those fields are  I don't need step by step but a User that knows the Union side of a basic setup.  S3
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by  SWilkinsJump to last post
10/17/2019 4:53 PM

BN32.1 Mid Year Flex Spending Acct Changes    

Started by  AndrewHCM
Hello Everyone!   Has anyone encounter multiple deduction records active (PR14) when changes on BN32.1  for mid changes to flex spending accounts   This occurs when following the prescribed method in the user guide with Stop/Add on BN32.1.   Thanks for your help!! Andrew
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9/11/2019 8:59 PM

LP: Time Off Plan with Annual Hours Worked Review    

Started by  Brandon
Hi -  Has anyone built a time off plan where the hours you accrued were only made available to you if you worked a certain number of hours in the year (if you did not meet the minimum hours worked, the accrued hours do not become available to you)   Without having to use IPA, I am wondering if this can be done with standard configuration. Thanks 
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9/11/2019 7:44 PM

Point in Time Report    

Started by  Vandana
Hi all, I recently joined a NGO in DC and we have Lawson S3.  I am trying to find a report either within Lawson, or through Query add-ins that can give me point in time data.  I need to look at salaries for all staff who were active from 1/1/17 to 12/31/18.  I'd also like to include hours worked as a field if possible.  Anybody have experience with this 
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
8/29/2019 5:32 PM

Dependent address (HR13) maintenance?    

Started by  Liz Woodworth
Hello, Wondering if/how many employers maintain and send (to benefit vendors, for example) dependent addresses &91;on HR13&93; that are different from the employee's address &91;on HR11&93;.  Thanks in advance! 
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8/27/2019 1:32 PM

clear arrears/zero check/hours only ded code    

Started by  giesewendy
&91;fyi, I have posted this question on another community forum, as well.&93; We have employee deductions in arrears in PR39.    The arrears are from BN15 plans and one PR14 deduction for 401kloan (not in BN system). In PR80, we are using an hours only paycode.   The PR39s are added and we attempt to post an offset to an A/R account   Once calculating, only the EMPLOYER deduction ends up on the PR80 check. Even though there are PR30 one time EMPLOYEE ...
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8/19/2019 3:51 PM

pr13 -    

Started by  vicentaT
  Does anyone use CIC Plus
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8/15/2019 10:04 PM
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