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    I am new to both this site and Cloverleaf. I am trying to add a new OBX segment to a HL7 file. There are multiple OBX segments coming in so I figure I will have to use the ITERATE command.
    I am not sure how to use that correctly. The help section is not very help-ful. I was hoping someone here could either point out a better resource or explain it to me.
    What I need to end up with is 1 new OBX segment with a hard coded OBX3 and OBX 5 field in it. (:crazy

    Thank you for any help ...
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      You can add a new OBX at any position if you know how to use the %variable in the ITERATE.
      If you are appending a OBX, add 1 to %variable and use it to reference OBX in the output side.