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    Been YEARS since i've done any COBOL, as well as in Lawson.

    I'm trying to read through the MA531 PD file to understand exactly what / how it is processing our EDI data, possibly looking at doing a small modification.

    Anyway, looking through it and following everything is driving me crazy.

    Is there a way to run the program in our TEST environment in a debug mode where I can make the program step through and follow the path it takes in the PD file?

    Many thanks!

    Ragu Raghavan
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      qcompile with the trace option (-T) will show all the routines performed, in the job log.
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        before doing these steps,  make sure you have a jobdef already set up for  the program you want to debug,  and that it has run to completion;

        disclaimer:  my background is in HR/PR,  so i'm using programs from that area for examples;  and i work in a UNIX environment

        compile the program in a debugger mode:   
            *** this does not work well w/ interactive forms,  stick to this w/ batch programs

            *** do not do this in a production environment,  anyone else using the program will also be working in a debug mode!

            qcompile -D productline systemcode programcode
                e.g.:  qcompile -D prod pr pr514
                this will put a .int version of the source code in the   ../obj   source code directory

        fyi... you made want to put your session into a character mode at this time.
            export LATERM=pt80-e;  export LATERM
                ** after you do this,  to reset easily... sign out & sign back in
        run the debugger:
            batchanim formname dataarea username jobname stepnbr
                e.g.:  batchanim pr514 prd klkemp100 pr514-klk 1
                this will kick off the program in a debugger mode
                commands are shown at the bottom of the screen
                    F = find,  S = step   B = break   Z = zoom    etc.
                F & search for 050-EDIT
                put a break point there,  then hit Z to zoom to that spot

                moving the cursor to a data item you can view the value;  you can also set up a monitor of data elements;
                    good idea to have the program source open in a view mode in another session;
                    using that view, find the spots that you want to focus in on,  maybe putting
                    break points on the first sentence of certain routines;
                    if the program is large,  S command to step thru the program may take a long
                    time,  especially if the program calls a lot of Lawson routines... because
                    you'll be stepping thru a lot of routines you don't care about


        remember to reset the program source by performing a standard compile.

        other option....
            put in some display statements  and  dump pertinent information to the job log