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Last Post 06/24/2016 11:06 AM by  Kathy Eckert
How Find Programs That Use Specific Screen Rule?
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06/24/2016 11:06 AM
    We are going from 1 company code to multiple company codes. Some of our custom Screen Rules (.sr files) Hard Code the company, so we need to know which programs use these hard-coded screen rules. Via grep (we're a UNIX shop), I've identified all 14 Form Rules that hard-code ("1111") Company.  However, when I tried to grep which programs used the Form IDs ("H1-EMP-S-0001" is one of the Form Rules, for example), I got no results.  Of the 14 Form Rules, 3 are Rules, 8 are Selects & 3 are SCRDTL.  I've found some of the selects by guessing field names in the programs, then bringing up the programs and selecting the appropriate drop-downs to see if the rule name shows up in the dropdown boxes.  But, I'm at a loss as to more reliably find all programs that use all of the hard-coded rules.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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