Lawson V10/Oracle/Linux to V10/SQL Server/Windows

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    We plan to move from V10/Oracle DB/Linux to V10/SQL Server/Windows

    Coming from my perspective as a Lawson developer and support person - how difficult is it going to be to port all our custom programs, user tokens, Unix scripts, stored procedures, etc over to Windows.  Has anyone found that you have to pretty much rewrite your Linux scripts?  Are there a lot of differences in compiling programs, Lawson programmer tools, etc.  I also thought that the Lawson table names are different in Windows vs. Unix.  We have alot of custom programs and some customizations to Lawson-delivered programs.  We have about 80 interfaces that pass files to/from vendors and other systems. 

    I know these questions are very general - I'm just wondering if anyone has anything they can share that has done this before.  We are going to have a tight timeline and I have no idea what I'm going to be going into at this moment.  I'm just trying to wrap my head around this before I start thinking about the details.

    I also have about 15-20 process flows, most of which have SQL Nodes, Webrun Nodes, and SysCmd nodes in them.  The majority of them are also triggered by File/Channels.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you may have - good or bad.


    Ragu Raghavan
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      Unix vs Windows:
      the good news is that the table names are the same (you may be thinking of AS400/I-series). 4GL code compilation etc. are the same.
      If you work from the command line, you will need to get used to %lawdir% instead of $LAWDIR, 'findstr' instead of 'grep' and so forth.
      IPA SQL and Webrun nodes should be ok.

      The Unix scripts will probably need to be re-done. SysCmd nodes may need tweaks depending on what they do.

      Don't know about Stored Procedures.