Report can't run in LBI

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    HI - I need some help.  I had to create a cloned version of the Lawson IC145 in order to add additional fields to the report (I'm making an invoke to IC44 to grab the calculated fields that I need and displaying them onto the report).  The report works fine - the users have been running it for a couple weeks now in Portal.  However, they want to put this report on LBI and they keep getting an error that the report cannot be burst.  The user opened up a ticket with Infor who stated that IC145 (and therefore BI145 are unable to be run in LBI because they cannot be burst) cannot be put into LBI.  The only IC programs that can be put into LBI are IC240 and IC280.  I know extremely little about LBI so I'm not sure exactly what "burstable" means and is there a way I can make this report be "burstable" so it can be used in LBI?  Thanks in advance.  We are on V10 on premise