Using MF COBOL Outside of Lawson Environment

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Roger French
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    Kind of a theoritcal question here.

    Is it possible to utilize and run existing Lawson COBOL programs outside of the Lawson environment? 

    Meaning, let's say you have a PR530 or HR211 program and your Lawson environment "goes down" and isn't available, meaning LID and Portal aren't running (for whatever reason). But, your MF COBOL run time and compiler are still available and licensed, as well as your Lawson S3 database and of course the Windows (or Unix) server which it is 

    Can you still run these programs using the MF COBOL tools? Your COBOL run time is still available as well as your COBOL executibles, objects, libraries, etc and run times, and of course your Lawson S3 database is still available. Has anyone actually submitted or run a MF COBOL program outside of the Lawwon environment itself? 

    Thanks for your time,