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Srini Rao
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    When we perform the action in HR system it creates a record in ActionRequest business class. This BC only have header details. Where can I find action details, before and after. 


    Example, when we perform the transfer action on WorkAssignment Business class, we will see a record in ActionRequest BC with action name, actor, WU etc., But it does not store the new position and old position information. Which BC holds the information about the old and new values for given action. 


    Hope i'm not confusing. 


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      Hi Srini Rao,

      Check out this post from last month - it discusses this exact issue.

      The details are in the post dated 01/09/2017 at 3:46 AM

      Good Luck.

      Kelly Meade
      J. R. Simplot Company
      Boise, ID
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