Customizing IPA within Landmark

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    So, I'm still getting my feet wet with Landmark now, and am really excited to go back to vanilla Lawson/Infor after bastardizing it these past few years. After doing my initial review, I think the biggest win that I can get from the business is getting rid of our custom inbaskets and attempting to go back to the vanilla version of inbaskets. However, some questions that I have:

    1. For Proxy approvals, is there a way to limit the proxy users shows based on criteria?
    2. I'm assuming that these pages are hosted on the Landmark server. However, I cannot find them for the life of me.
    3. Are there any gotcha's or things that I should be looking for when attempting to move back to vanilla?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, as it fits under multiple forum topics (IPA, Landmark, Customization).


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