Error with Calculation in Assign Node

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    Good Morning All,

    We are building an automation that will compile a report of employee wages and their contributions to the 401(k).  We have a query on the QUARTDED table to pull the WAGE_AMOUNT for the 401(k) deductions.  If an amount is found it is assigned to the variable:  Total401kEligibleWagesVar

    From there I have an assign node to perform the following calculation:

    var Total401kEligibleWages=Total401kEligibleWages+Total401kEligibleWagesVar;


    However, I get a pop-up window that states:

    TypeError:  Cannot find function toFixed in object 0.0000. (Expression #3)

    In the end the calculation comes out to 0 for the employee, which is incorrect.  

    Is there something I am missing in the JavaScript that is causing this error?  This works with no issue on the other calculations that I have in the Assign Node with no issue  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Kwane McNeal
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      Try changing the second line to...

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