Finding a Security Class /Business Class

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    Is there a table that lists the Business Classes assigned to a Security Class?  Or is there a way to query Business Class properties to know what Security Class(es) it is assigned to.  I know I can locate the Business Classes by opening specific Security Classes within Configuration Console but looking for something more automated or quicker than opening 30 Security Classes looking just for one Business Class.


    Dave Amen
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      Hi FireGeek,
      The best (and only) way I've known to do that is to use the Kinsey Landmark Reporting Tools, and there's a free version!

      Full disclosure - I work for Kinsey - but I've found that the tools make Lawson Security or Landmark Security much easier to manage. Without them, it feels like I'm typing with one hand.

      Here's a link to the Landmark Tools page with a "Free" tag and link at the top:

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