LandMark Installation - Newbie

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    I am a newbie to LandMark, brand new.  I have been tasked with installing LandMark with S3 on an AIX server.  I already have S3 installed.  I was wondering if anyone has any notes concerning a LandMark installation that would be willing to share or perhaps chat for a few.

    Thanks in advance,
    jonathan ford
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      I haven't been on guru in a while, and I see this post is a little old so you have likely already solved your issues.  It had no responses, though, so if you have any questions I may be able to help.  Feel free to email me. 

      Jonathan Ford
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        Hi Jonathan,

        I know this is an old post and answer, but I am relativeley new to Landmark installation, I am struggling with some details. Would it be possible to message you ? or anya help?

        Kind regards,


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