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Alex-Rexel UK
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    I am looking at updating my Landmark / IPA versions to the latest version available on Infor Extreme as currently we are about 2 years out of date with the current package. Looking at my current versions, I will need to update Landmark including Rich Client and also Infor Process Designer. 

    This is the bit where I get stuck. I cannot find any information on how to update to the latest versions and what process I need to follow. This may be a real simple question and I will apologise in advance if this is. 


    Any help would be appreciated and I have noted my current versions and what i would like to update to below


    Landmark Current - 2014-07-22

    Landmark New -


    IPD Current - 

    IPD New -




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      IPA is delivered as part of Landmark. You will need to download the LMK jar file and the installation guide.
      You will also need the IPA configuration guide.
      The install guide has a chapter on updating the LMK version.
      The IPA config guide has a chapter on updating IPA.
      After reviewing the 2 guides you should be ready to go.
      Jason Johnston
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        Do you know how stable the new release is? Either CU55 or 56. We're currently on CU47 and are looking to upgrade.

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          There were critical issues with CU53 and 54. CU55 was specifically developed to replace the issues in those. I see the most current is CU57.
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