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Last Post 8/21/2023 12:42 AM by  LawnsonGuy
Landmark Security After Data Refresh
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8/21/2023 12:42 AM

    In our Test environment, we have two copies of Global HR. For simplicity, I'll call them gHR_X and gHR_Y. We recently refreshed our prod data to both environments. In gHR_X, everyone's security appears intact. All the various Landmark roles can be seen from the drop-down. However, in gHR_Y, the Landmark roles are different. Our lawson account only has "Employee Transition Programs", "Manager", and "Process Server". Meanwhile in gHR_X, the lawson account has access to everything.

    How can I fix the roles/security in gHR_Y? I did several dbexport and a cdexport during the backup process. I'm hoping I can restore my security from one of these zip files.



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