LPL Help - convert decimal to string with formatting

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a compute userfield that calculates a salary plus a percent.  I need build a derived field that includes this value to display on a form - basically formatted salary plus the currency code.


    For example:

    Compute Field (Pay Rate * 110%) value:  10,000.00 * 110% = 11,000.00  (note: field is decimal size 10.2)

    Expected Derived Field value:  $11,000.00 USD


    However, when I reference the compute field in the alpha derived field, it doesn't format correctly.  Instead it shows "$11.000.00000000 USD"

    How can I make the resulting value show with the correct number of decimals?





    Kelly Meade
    J. R. Simplot Company
    Boise, ID
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