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Just wondering what everyone else does...    

Started by  CindyW
When you create your security classes, do you generally have much overlap as far as the forms/tokens  Do you try to minimize that  Is it a headache to have much duplication  We are still testing our security and hope to be using it in production soon, but I am still trying to wrap my head around the best methods.  It's such a beast!
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by  Russell SpreemanJump to last post
8/25/2017 2:25 PM

No Security Reports Listed    

Started by  pops
When I go into the Lawson Security Administrator  (version 10) in our production environment, I then go to Report Maintenance and none of the reports are shown.  I even tried to create a report but it doesn't save it.  At the bottom of the screen it says 'Lawson Security Error: Please check log files for details'.  Has anyone seen this before and know the resolution  I'm not sure what log files to check and the Lawson environment seems OK.   Thank you! Allen
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8/15/2017 2:27 PM

Random sudden security violations    

Started by  Ronnie
Ok,   I am new to a company i just started working for. Within the past two days users have started sudden getting security violations when inquiring and returning data on PR forms ...example PR36 now gets security violation. Yesterday the apps system was rebooted and this seemed to resolve issues for users. This morning users are getting security violations again.   Users have been able to return data with no issue in the past and no changes have been made to my knowledge.  ...
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by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
8/7/2017 10:49 AM

Reports from LSF    

Started by  Bev Edwards
Is there a way to run a report on only ACTIVE users in LSF that have access to Lawson   I know how to run a report that pulls all of the User assigned roles, but its pulling users who are no longer employees.,    Is there a way to filter these out and only pull those who would have an active AD acct
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7/18/2017 8:44 PM

RSS and restrictions    

Started by  Greg Moeller
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I'm just relatively OK with this new Lawson security product. I've tried rules like: On the POR-PO-NUMBER field in PO30.1 if(trim(getDBField('POLINESRC','REQUESTER',form.POR_COMPANY,form.POR_PO_NUMBER))==user.getRequesterId()) 'ALL_ACCESS,' else 'NO_ACCESS' But it never seems to take effect. What am I missing here Is there a better way to do it I know I also have to limit the drills, but wanted to get the form portion of this working first. Thanks in advance for any he...
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by  thanefJump to last post
6/30/2017 6:53 PM

PA21 security    

Started by  RickyY
How do I write a security rule on PA21 that only allow user to add a new competency to itself. I was able to restrict the security to self only but it will not allow to add.
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6/20/2017 10:25 PM

BATCH compile producing a security violation using pgmdef    

Started by  Demi
Nothing in security reports or logs. Admin account is receiving a security violation in pgmdef when attempting to compile ANY batch program, not 'online' program. The violation appears in place of the 'options' window. I am trying to locate the specific access granted to the delivered SuperAdminRole for each profile, class and object. I believe the object 'might' be element type in ADM. I say 'might' because my security class has it defined, But it can not locate the object r...
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by  JimYJump to last post
6/16/2017 9:09 AM

Hide Pay Rate in HR11 based on Job Code    

Started by  jbaisch
Is there a way to setup rules in LS9 so Pay Rates of individuals with certain Job Codes can be hidden    We need the ability for our HR and Payroll people to process and work in HR11, but only allow the managers of those departments to see the pay of executives.  All of the executives have job codes above 8000 and are present in multiple companies and process levels.    
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by  jbaischJump to last post
6/9/2017 7:16 PM

Environment commands for Portal security    

Started by  Margie Gyurisin
Prior to Lawson 10, we had were solely LID users and could manage many items, recdef, distribution group maintenance/additions/view members, etc.   When on laua security, it would take them directly to the menu and the tasks could be performed by typing recdef in the form transfer.   Now that we are on 10, the decision to not allow LID access as been made and everyone is LS security.  The issue is maintaining distribution groups or even see members of the groups through Portal...
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by  ErikJump to last post
5/24/2017 3:38 PM

Mass Deactivation of Lawson Users    

Started by  AG7
Hello, We are moving from Lawson to Oracle HCM and need to deactivate around 130 Users in Lawson and also delete the 10,000 inactive users profiles.  I am new to Lawson. Could you please let me know how to mass 130 deactivate the Users in Lawson and delete the 10000 Users. Any Help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
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5/18/2017 7:48 PM

How to run a report for Portal Role?    

Started by  Ronnie
Ok, I am needing a report of all users who have a certain Portal Role assigned on their setup.   I know I can narrow those users down using the filter in the security console, but there is no way to export the huge list.    I did not see an option in the security reports lawson offers either. Is there any other way
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by  misneraJump to last post
5/1/2017 11:17 AM

Counting license usage    

Started by  CMNew
We recently had an Infor audit and were found to be out of compliance for several of  the modules we purchased FINPRO,GMHRP and MRBAC.   We bought some Inquiry licenses and new licenses but we are struggling with a way to monitor usage.   Does anybody know of any good tools to monitor Full and Inquiry license usage for FINPRO, GMHRP and MRBAC
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by  Brian AllenJump to last post
3/31/2017 2:58 PM

Global HR/Talent Management security    

Started by  Jey
Hi,  I understand that with every landmark application the security roles are pre-delivered . How many roles does GHR has Does the delivered roles are always sufficient to meet the security needs   Regards Jey
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3/29/2017 10:09 PM

Trying to use the mass assignment RM tool for 10 upgrade    

Started by  Ronnie
We are currently working on implementing out system from 9 to 10. I have many users I am needing to assign roles to because in 9 most of our users were set up with no roles in LS, and inheriting security from a lawsoness ONLINE privileged user that was set up in LAUA. I am going into the mass assignment tool and trying to add roles to all users such as the ESSrole. The mass assignment tool says that the operation completed successful, but when I go and look at any users in LSA tool there are ...
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by  JeyJump to last post
3/29/2017 10:03 PM

how to remove add, change delete ect    

Started by  rmoe
ew to lawson, have lawson security admin vers 10, would like to no how do i limit what ALL end users can see in PO20.1, would like to be inquiry only, any help to accompolish this would be helpful.
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by  jpisareJump to last post
2/3/2017 6:25 PM

not sure how to go about this security task    

Started by  Ronnie
I got sent an email:   'Is it possible to have access to salaried information for the clinics but exclude Corporate.  With the new insurance benefit for employees making less $20 an hour one of the questions that Employee A and B are asked when they do an enrollment is whether the employee makes less than $20 an hour.  Im considering how to give them that information and I would feel more comfortable with them not having access to corporate salaries.  Let me know if this is...
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by  JLeonardJump to last post
2/2/2017 7:45 PM

how to remove add, change delete ect    

Started by  rmoe
ew to lawson, have lawson security admin vers 10, would like to no how do i limit what ALL end users can see in PO20.1, would like to be inquiry only, any help to accompolish this would be helpful.
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1/31/2017 6:03 PM

Lawson Security for viewing others print jobs    

Started by  Ronnie
Where is it in Lawson Security that determines that someone can see someone elses print job etc I know in LAUA there is also the parameter you can change for delete update jobs. Where is this in LS as well     Thanks in advance.
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by  jpisareJump to last post
1/30/2017 3:38 PM

Security on Invoked Programs    

Started by  ALB
I stumbled on a list of programs not in the security setup.  A large number of them are invoked programs, so I looked for security classes with them to figure out what the naming convention/strategy was.  The last time I migrated from LAUA to LSF9 security, we had a plan, but I do not remember what we did with invoked programs.  I think we put them in their own security class by system code and assigned them every time we assigned the files for the system code because the invoked ...
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by  Dave AmenJump to last post
1/24/2017 7:01 PM

Security With DB Connection Failures    

Started by  ALB
A couple of weeks ago, we had reports that the security was not not working properly.  We have the following in a rule: getDBFieldByIdx('EMPLOYEE','PROCESS-LEVEL','EMPSET1',COMPANY,EMPLOYEE) The reasoning for this piece is that employee information for employees in specific process levels is restricted to a small number of individuals.  The LASE and LADB logs were filling up with errors stating there was a database connection failure, and the error even points to getDBField.   ...
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1/23/2017 4:18 PM

Spouse employment..what am I missing?    

Started by  Ronnie
I am working on a section of ESS where there is a life events section. One of them is 'spouse employment' From what I can tell it appears that an employee can update if a spouse gets employeed, changes, or is termed from somewhere. They can update the name of employer and address etc.   It looks like it uses the spouse tab on HR11 and writing to ES10 for the family change.   I have ES10 working and updating when an employee makes a change, but for some reason I can not get it to t...
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by  RonnieJump to last post
1/23/2017 2:01 PM

ESS and Portal Security from 8.03 to 9.0    

Started by  Joe O'Toole
We're implementing LSF9 and I'd like to understand what the 'best practices' setup is for ESS users if you do not want to maintain a LAUA record for everyone. In 8.03 I beleive the necessary security was inherited by defining a RD30 record and assigning the user to a ESS group that had the application assigned to it. In LSF9 we are getting Logan security errors when logging into ESS if the Domain user in Identity Manager is&160;blank or&160;not defined in LAUA security as having access to Loga...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/16/2017 2:18 PM

SecAdmin LS9 Conditional Rule    

Started by  K. Hopkins
Hello,  I have been asked to secure the reason codes when a process level a specific value in order to prevent users from using an invalid reason code. Essentially: If ProcLvl = 'XX' then reason code in ('1','2','3','4','5'), then allowed (ALL_ACCESS), otherwise deny (NO_ACCESS).   I am trying to avoid creating a Group for this. Has anyone done anything like this and/or have some tips   Thanks!    
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12/7/2016 9:22 PM

LSA Allow users access to other's batch jobs by group    

Started by  haddixst
Hello, we are implementing LSA as part of our V10 upgrade.  We are having issues trying to allow users access to other user's batch jobs.  What we would like to do is to have for example a member of the payroll department have access to their own jobs, plus access to jobs of other members of the payroll department.  I'm guessing this would maybe be implemented using groups  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks
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by  haddixstJump to last post
11/25/2016 4:27 PM

Lawson security Exceptions    

Started by  Sameer Singh
We are receiving Lawson security exceptions while updating any records through LSA. Although changes are being reflected in the system. Attaching screen shot for the exceptions. We have recently mitigated to LAWSON V10. Our platform is ISereis. Any help will be highly appreciated. LASE server log is showing below exceptions. Attaching screen shot for reference.   16-11-01 09:39:57:135 2073 default.SEVERE ): java.lang.NullPointerException St...
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by  Sameer SinghJump to last post
11/2/2016 12:58 PM
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